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by Ginger on June 21, 2010

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For those who have forgotten, or who are new, or heck, if I just didn’t make it clear: I’m starting a freelance marketing business geared towards authors, artists, and small to medium sized brands/small businesses. I’m looking to provide research on where your market might be, how to reach them, and strategies for getting in front of them, from social media to traditional outlets. I will offer everything from a “you want to do it yourself but don’t know where to start” package all the way through to a “here’s the whole kit-n-kaboddle” deal. I’m taking my years of experience within book publishing, the art community and dealing with marketing and promoting small and medium sized brands and trying to make something out of it for myself.

So, to that end, I’m working behind the scenes on logos and websites and the like for the business. I’m also trying to figure out things like pricing, how long projects might actually take me, and what kind of documents/research clients might actually want. To help me with that, I’m looking for some test cases. A beta group. Guinea pigs.  I’m looking for 5-10 “test” clients. The final number will depend on what each client is asking for–if I get requests for full marketing plans, I’ll just be able to do 5, but if it’s more of a mix I can probably do up to 10. I’ll be sure to let everyone know where they stand as requests come in. I’m looking for people that would want to work on this right now–starting as soon as we confirm the details, since I’m using this to build out the specifics of the business.

In return for FREE marketing services, I’ll be looking to these clients to answer me honestly on things such as: would you pay X dollars for this? Are you happy with the format of what I’m providing you? Is there anything you feel would make these services something you’d be more likely to PAY for? etc. And, if you’re happy at the end of my project, I’d request an endorsement that can be used in promoting said business.

What am I offering in my free services? Here are some options:

  • Market research into places and communities (online and off) to promote and market yourself, your product, your business
  • A plan for how to integrate social media, and what social media might benefit you the most, into your promotional efforts, based on your personal comfort level and time to commit.
  • Recommendations for sales opportunities (be they through ebook sales, self publishing, ecommerce sites, Etsy, etc), based upon your needs
  • Full marketing plan for 1-2 aspects of your business. So for example, if you are an author, I can provide a full marketing plan based around a launch party for your book. Or if you’re an artist, I can create a plan to promote your art to galleries within your genre. If you’re a small business, I can help you figure out an entrance to a new market or a plan to cross-promote with an appropriate partner.  Because I’m doing this for free, I can’t commit to doing a full, start-to-finish marketing plan that encompasses every area of your business, but I can commit to 1-2 areas. We can discuss what your largest goals and priorities are to figure out where you would like me to focus.
  • Additionally, I can provide some general consultation about things such as the traditional publishing process, some things to navigate in the art world, or how to cautiously handle social media for your small brand.
  • Did I not cover what you want? Let’s chat!

So, who might be interested?

  • Authors. I’m happy to work with authors who don’t have completed manuscripts yet, to determine things you can be doing now to build your platform. However, you’ll probably get the most out of this if you are at the point of querying agents, have sold your book, or have already had your book published. If you are an ebook author or self-published and you’re interested, let’s chat–my background is in printed books, but depending on what you’re looking to do, I can probably help you as well. I have certain types of books I can’t work on, as they would be a conflict of interest for my day job, but chances are REALLY good that this won’t affect most people.
  • Artists. I can help artists who are looking to build their exposure, market themselves to galleries, or sell & market their products online (be that Etsy, a self-hosted shopping cart, or something in between) as some examples. I primarily have experience with visual artists, and artisans who create handmade items. I am willing to work with multi-media artists or sculptors, but that’s not where my current knowledge base is. I won’t provide art critique–that’s not my role–but I can help you figure out the best way to promote what you are creating.
  • Small and medium sized brands and businesses. My experience with brands is all about how to maximize on what you have with the fewest dollars possible. If you have a small brand/business with a small budget, I can guarantee I can find you some ways to make something happen. The bulk of my experience is with consumer facing brands that have a product  to sell, though I do also have some experience with brands that have a service to promote. If you’re on the fence–email me, and we can discuss whether this might be a fit for you.

If any of this sounds like something that could help you, please leave me a comment, or if you’d rather, email me at ginger (at) If you know anyone else who might benefit from some free marketing at this time, forward this along to them. I’m committed to making a go of this NOW rather than waiting until everything is 100% perfect, and I need your help to do it!

P.S. If you have any suggestions for things you might want to see in this kind of service, even if you’re not there YET, please email me. I’m looking to make this rather one stop shop-ish, and can only do that with feedback!

ABDPBT June 21, 2010 at 6:05 pm

This sounds like a great idea, Ginger. I will definitely keep my eyes open for people to send your way.

Jason Matthews June 22, 2010 at 11:25 am

Hi Ginger,
Great post! I’d be happy to talk with you about this. I’m an author of 2 spiritual novels, The Little Universe and Jim’s Life, that I’m also working on making into films. Recently I published a book called How to Make, Market and Sell Ebooks – All for FREE that teaches other writers free methods of accomplishing their dreams.
I feel like things are just about to take off so maybe your advice is exactly what I need.

Brooke June 22, 2010 at 10:07 pm

I’ve thought about doing some similar. I’d be happy to be a guinea pig. I have a couple of different directions we could go. I’ll shoot you an email.

Christyn June 30, 2010 at 7:29 am

Hi Ginger,

I am here by way of Somi Speaks — I would to partner with you in this and see how we can help each other out! E-mail me if you still need your “Guinea pigs”!


Christyn June 30, 2010 at 7:29 am

Hi Ginger,

I am here by way of Somi Speaks — I would love to partner with you in this and see how we can help each other out! E-mail me if you still need your “Guinea pigs!”


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