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by Essentials on June 7, 2010

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I’ve talked before at RambleRamble about how feeding my kid is very non-intuitive to me. I find the process of figuring out what to feed him to be frustrating and rarely something that I just…get.

But occasionally, I do have my moments of genius. Two of them, in fact.

Jackson is at a stage where he rarely wants us to feed him. He’ll tolerate spoon feeding at home, in the high chair, but only if we hurry. Out and about though? Not hardly. So when we were planning for our vacation, I had to try and figure out in advance how we were going to feed him for 7 days.  I knew we could give him some stuff when we went out, but since I didn’t know where we’d always end up for mealtimes, I didn’t want to take the chance that the kid would spend the entire trip surviving on bread crusts and a rogue green bean here and there.

Enter these guys.

Ella’s Kitchen Organic Baby Food

Plum Organics Baby

These pouches were our saving grace during our vacation. Both Plum Organics Baby (stage 2) and Ella’s Kitchen (Stage 1) have baby food pouches made with organic veggies and fruits–and nothing else (some organic lemon juice for preservation maybe).  Each brand has a handful of flavor combos, all of which Jackson has loved. But the organics aside, these pouches have another, even more awesome bonus.

My kid can feed himself with them.

Ok, so it may look crazy, but you give Jackson these pouches and he sucks on the nozzle (like a straw). He loves them, since he gets to feel like he’s doing it himself. I love them because 1) they’re fruits and veggies, 2)he doesn’t make an enormous mess of himself, and 3)they’re super easy to cart around.

Yes, they’re a little on the expensive side, so we don’t use these for everyday feedings. But for a vacation? Or a long day-trip? These guys are brilliant. I may not always be totally “on it” about how to feed my kid, but these pouches gave me an easy way to feel on top of my game. For once.

P.S. Just as a reminder for everyone, all the reviews on this site are things I’ve bought, I use and that I love. These companies don’t know about me, and none of these products were sent to me for review, I just think you all should know about them. If that ever changes, you’ll be the first to know!

Perpetua June 7, 2010 at 2:29 pm

I LOVE the Plum ones. We’ve done Ella once or twice because they’re more expensive and never on sale, but overall the pouches are awesome. And sometimes the Plum are 5 for 5 at BRU, which is a little more reasonable.

They even make a Plum with purple carrots now. How chic 🙂

Megan June 7, 2010 at 6:12 pm

I wish I had known about these when Charlotte was smaller. She hated to be fed, too. We were constantly on a mission for finger foods, but that was hard when we were out and about.

And the way you DIDN’T want Jackson to eat on your vacation? That’s pretty much how Charlotte ate when we went to Sea World a couple weeks ago. LOL

Ginger June 7, 2010 at 7:19 pm

Megan, I know that the Plum brand makes a Tots version of some of the fruit ones for toddlers, which I think is basically like a little smoothie or something (same pouch/nozzle design though from what I can tell). It probably wouldn’t be enough for full meals, but it might be a good snack/part of a meal option for your next vacation 🙂

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