I wish

by Ginger on December 4, 2009

in Random

Today I wish…

  • I was able to work at home
  • my wedding ring fit
  • I had my own office, with a door, to make pumping at work easier
  • I could finally get the Christmas list I’ve been working on for 2 weeks finished up for my mom
  • I had my Christmas shopping, and therefore my Christmas stressing, done
  • pumping didn’t make me feel so much like a dairy cow
  • I didn’t have to make a designer do a design they aren’t proud of
  • I was able to go to the USC/UA game tomorrow
  • I knew someone with a babysitter they could recommend
  • I didn’t have to go on a business trip in Feb.
  • or barring that, that my family could come with me
  • I wasn’t so whiny.

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