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by Ginger on November 23, 2009

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I’ve made no secret of the fact that I love TV. I watch a disgusting amount of TV–during my maternity leave it was really bad, but even when I’m working full time, I’m a TV junkie.

However, I don’t always get turned on to great shows right away, often not even getting my first viewing until after they’ve gone off the air (long live Netflix & television shows on DVD!). Just recently as an example, N.C. and I have started watching and become addicted to Battlestar Galactica. Like I said, I can be a little behind the times.

So here’s a list of my ” a little late to the party” viewing habits:

  1. Battlestar Galactica–as mentioned above. I heard all kinds of great things about the show (the re-imagining that ran from 2005-2009, not the older version), so we added it to the Netflix list long ago. When it finally came up, we were luckily in the mood to give it a shot, and I have to say that so far, it’s one of the best TV shows I’ve ever seen. I want to know what the budget for each episode was, because each on screens like a movie! Granted, we’re only in the first season, but from what I understand the quality holds up over the long haul.
  2. Veronica Mars–I think I started watching this one a full 3 years after it went off the air, and was hooked pretty much right away. Kristin Bell was awesome in that role, even if it was a little silly sometimes!
  3. The Office–ok, this one is kind of sad. I never could get into The Office when it first came out. It was just so…painfully close to real life. And painful. And awkward. And did I mention painful? But then they started showing reruns on TBS, and I’d catch part of an episode here, or the end of an episode there, and I slowly got interested. Now we’re starting the series from the beginning (even though I think we’ve probably seen a good 1/2 of them in reruns by now). Plus, who can resist Jim and Pam?
  4. How I Met Your Mother–another one I am entranced with after catching a few reruns. I don’t know why I didn’t watch from the beginning, other than it probably conflicted with other stuff I watch on Mondays (why is Monday such a TV night for me? Can’t they spread the love out?), but now that I have a DVR that can record 4 shows, I’m loving this one!
  5. Arrested Development–I’m sad to say that I got into this show about 4 episodes before it ended. Of course. The Bluth family though is worth my time on DVD!
  6. Scrubs–This one I blame on the endless reruns on Comedy Central, TBS, and it seems like every other channel that runs syndicated shows. But I’ve sort of got a crush on Dr. Cox now, so it was meant to be.
  7. Dexter–I probably would have kept up with this one, if I paid for premium channels. But, since I don’t, I didn’t come around to it until the middle of the second season. I’m a little disturbed by my enjoyment of this show, but have to admit that Dexter is one compelling serial killer.

The nice thing about getting into a show well into it’s run, or even after it has gone off the air, is that you get instant gratification–no waiting for the answer to cliff hangers and season ending surprises. Of course, you end up totally out of the cultural loop, but better late than never, right?

P.S. Today is my first day back at work, and I’m pretty heartbroken. I’m trying not to focus on it (hence the completely random TV list), but could really use some smiles and distractions today. Sooooo, I’d love to hear about shows I should be watching, or Netflixing! What are your favorite shows, past or present? Why? (or if you just want to leave me a happy, smile inducing, non-baby related comment, I’d love that as well!)

And, as always, more lists can be found over at Anna’s at abdpbt!

lisa November 23, 2009 at 7:51 am

I lurve Dexter. I didn’t get the love at first, I thought it was gross, I didn’t want to see anything with killing, but I am completely addicted now. We just finished all the DVDs for seasons 1, 2, and 3 (yay Netflix streaming).

The amount of TV we watch is ridiculous. The fall lineup: House, Lie to Me, Modern Family, Cougartown, Flash Forward (if you need distractions, go Google Joseph Fiennes. Holy hotness Batman), The Office, Grey’s Anatomy, Dexter, and Californication (this show is completely hilarious. Raunchy, adult hilarious). Usually we’d have Fringe in there, but they had to move it opposite Grey’s and The Office, and since we record both of those, we can’t record (or watch) Fringe.

Elizabeth November 23, 2009 at 8:11 am

Yay work!

We got rid of our TV, but we watch quite a bit on Hulu on my 24 inch screen, so I don’t think we’re missing too much–everything is just on a week delay.

My favorites are House, Bones, Lie to Me, and The Office. I’ve recently gotten into Modern Family too.

Hilly November 23, 2009 at 8:37 am

I’m re-watching Veronica Mars right now and it’s amazing how much I forgot since the first time.

I watched Bones late in the game as well as 24 and you are so right about the instant gratification part!

Alexis November 23, 2009 at 8:47 am

My name is Alexis, and I am addicted to trashy TV. I loved Arrested Development, currently love How I Met Your Mother, so I see your addictions and raise you Glee, Big Bang Theory, Bones and, though I am frightfully ashamed to admit it…Vampire Diaries. Don’t even get me started on the endless cartoons, darn you Adult Swim! So much to DVR and to add to my Netflix queue…

abdpbt November 23, 2009 at 11:44 am

I love TV. It seems like I don’t watch it enough anymore. I liked Arrested Development and still watch Dexter and The Office. I was just thinking about Veronica Mars the other day, I’ve never seen it but if I recall correctly people really liked that. Perhaps I’ll start Netflixing too.

Ginger November 23, 2009 at 4:45 pm

Woah, we all seem to have similar tastes, since I follow most of those already. It looks like I need to add Bones, Modern Family, Lie to Me and Californication to my list though.

@lisa–I tried FlashForward, but I just couldn’t get into it for some reason. I think I gave it 3 episodes before I gave up–did I give up too soon? I will give you that Joseph Fiennes is yummy though!

@Elizabeth–I luuuuuuuvvvvve House. I know it’s totally not a realistic show (dude, he would have been fired so long ago it’s not even funny), but Hugh Laurie is amazing. How much did I love the 2 hour season premiere?

@ Hilly –ooh, you reminded me that we’ve still got 24 in the Netflix list. I keep wondering if it’s worth it at this point to even start, since I kind of know how each season ends already, but we’ll see when it finally shows up in the mail.

@Alexis–with the exception of Vampire Diaries (I just can’t seem to get into the vampire thing at all), and the previously mentioned Bones, I’m with you on all those. Glee is just fun, Sheldon is the best character on Monday nights since Dr. House, and Adult Swim…well, lets just say that AS fills up more of our DVR than all my other shows combined(I blame my husband!).

@Anna–I wasn’t sure about Veronica Mars, but something about that character was really nice to see. Kristin Bell did a great job, and totally made it worth watching!

By the way, thanks everyone for your comments today–they really helped give me something else to focus on. Plus, now I know what shows I need to add!

Bambi Schwenk March 22, 2010 at 6:55 am

Yeah season continues with episode 12 I’m happy because ABC is making more episodes for flashforward because it was a fight between them for episodes

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