Being a working mom won’t kill me… right?

by Ginger on November 16, 2009

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This is my last week on maternity leave–I go back to work next Monday–and I’m all woe is me and boo hoo and I don’t want to leave my baaayyyyybbbbbbeeeee. The last few days I’ll just look at the kid and get all weepy and have to think of things like bills and laundry and weather changes and other mundane shit to stop myself from a full on breakdown. This week is going to go so fast, and next thing I know I’m going to be sitting back in my cube trying not to cry while I think about all the milestones and firsts I’m going to miss while I’m at my dumb job with my dumb responsibilities to get my (not so dumb) paycheck and benefits.

But, mama’s got to bring home the bacon (though for the sake of losing the baby belly she really should stop EATING the bacon), so it’s back to the working world. And in the spirit of trying really hard to not have a full on breakdown (though I can’t promise it won’t happen at some point in the future on this blog), my list today is trying to focus on the positives. So I present to you my list of reasons going back to work isn’t the end of the world.

  1. I may get to spend 50 hours a week NOT covered in spit up, urine, or poop.
  2. Grown up conversation is healthy for me.
  3. The part of my brain that actually thinks critically may stop atrophying.
  4. The aforementioned paycheck and benefits. These things are important in keeping the kid clothed, sheltered, and healthy.
  5. I’ll get to get back to commenting on blogs–much easier to do while on a break at work than on the iphone at 3am.
  6. There are other moms at my office that have been where I am, so I’ll have people to talk to (cry to?) about what I’m going through. I don’t have many mommy friends nearby, and a lot of my mommy friends far away are stay at home moms, so it might be nice to have people who know what I’m feeling.
  7. I’ll get to come home to the kid–something amazing to look forward to at the end of every day.
  8. I get to wear grown up pretty clothes (that hopefully aren’t covered in the previously discussed bodily fluids).
  9. It’ll make the weekends THAT much better.
  10. I’m good at my job, I like my job, and it’s good for me to keep that part of me that’s not just a mommy.

Now if only it didn’t ache so bad…

As always, more lists can be found over at Anna’s at abdpbt!

lisa November 16, 2009 at 8:46 pm

OK, I’m not a mom, so you can totally ignore this if you want. You know, it’s one of those my friends’ cousin’s brother’s girlfriend’s kind of things. It just stuck with me.

A friend of mine said when it was time to go back to work and leave her daughter with daycare, she actually took her on a day that she didn’t have to work. She said that first day just broke her heart, so she took a day to run some errands and cry all she needed to.

abdpbt November 16, 2009 at 8:49 pm

You will come to like your time at work, trust me. The mommy guilt will eat you up at first, but as soon as you’re used to leaving the baby and you trust your caretaker, it gets easier. You will feel a little torn at first, but you are definitely better off getting some time with adults! You’re a mom now, so there are no more easy answers to anything, ever again. (Sorry to be the one to break it to you. 🙂 )

Ginger November 16, 2009 at 11:19 pm

I’m lucky that I trust the kid’s caregiver implicitly, since I’m married to him. Knowing the kid will be with his dad helps a lot, I admit–if I had to deal with the nerves of a daycare on top of the sadness of going back to work, I would be wreck!

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