The great eating machine

by Ginger on November 11, 2009

in Day in the Life, Oh Baby!

I’m starving. Again.

Nevermind that I had a full dinner less than 2 hours ago. I’m ravenous.


I am always hungry these days. I can eat a full meal, and an hour later have a sandwich, and an hour later have another complete meal…and still be hungry. And I’m talking full on carbs, proteins, fats, veggies, everything falls to the enormity of my hunger.

There’s no escape really. I’m hungry when we get up in the morning, through the day, into the evening, late into the night…and yup, when I wake up to feed the kid in the middle of the night.

If I ate every time I was hungry these days, I would literally be eating more than half the day. I mean, I’m eating a hell of a lot anyway, but if I ate every single time I was hungry I wouldn’t have much time for anything else.

I know it’s because of the breastfeeding–the kid himself is ravenous much of the time, and I know my body has to keep up with that. It’s nice on the one hand because I feel like I have a responsibility to keep eating…you know, for the kids sake. But on the other hand, damn, I wish I wasn’t starving so much!

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