by Ginger on October 28, 2009

in Random

I love…

snuggling down into the duvet on a chilly night. diet coke. getting email that isn’t spam. the feeling I get when I totally rock something at work. the smile that my baby has started to show. cooking with my husband. a warm cat in the lap. a good book. rockin’ out in the car with the music blaring. tacos. spending time with family when there’s no drama. paying off bills. not feeling buried financially. a good massage. previews at the movie theater. DVR. my slowly renewing interest in photography. reading a good blog. my alma mater actually winning football games. casual entertaining. baby feet.

…focusing on the good stuff.

Hilly October 29, 2009 at 4:24 am

Snuggling into the duvet is one of my happy things too…I love it when it’s all toasty!

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