It’s a bloggy birthday!

by Ginger on August 21, 2009

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Today marks the first birthday of my baby blog!


A year ago I wrote this post announcing that I was joining all the cool kids and starting a public blog. I think my husband might have been the only person who read that first post that first day, but it didn’t matter–I needed this place, as an outlet for me. I wanted a place for my burgeoning interest in photography, and for a place away from the spotlight that shines on my husband (fantastic though he may be). I didn’t know if I would ever have any readers, or ever get a comment, or ever do anything more than just ramble away into the void, but I wanted a place of my own.

A year later, I can say honestly that I love this place. I know I’m not here as frequently anymore, but I would no more give up this blog at this point than walk away from my husband or my job. I’ve “met” some amazing people through this weird little place. I’ve been given comfort and support and laughter and encouragement. Even though Ramble Ramble has morphed in ways I would never have expected a year ago, I’m so thankful that I have this little corner of the web to call my own. And I’m so thankful for all of you who I’ve met along the way.

So, in the spirit of getting another year older, lets look back on the year that just passed with some of my most viewed posts and a few that are just my favorites!

Katherine August 21, 2009 at 6:00 pm

I will make sure to have cake in honor of this occasion.
= )

Ali August 24, 2009 at 4:37 pm

Happy blogaversary!

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