Pregnancy–it’s not ALL bad!

by Ginger on August 3, 2009

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I realize that I’ve written a lot of not-so-positive posts about pregnancy. Part of that is because…well, it’s my blog and I’ll complain if I want to. But I think it’s also because I’ve been so surprised by my reaction to being pregnant. I always thought I would be one of those glowing, loving every minute, reading to my belly, playing classical music for him, etc. pregnant women. You know, that idealized pregnant woman.  So I’ve been struggling with reconciling that idea I had had with what reality has been. It’s hard to explain, but there’s something very disconcerting about being SO wrong about something you just took for granted. Working through those complaints on my blog has been helpful to me, because it allows me to realize it’s ok that I feel the way I feel. And honestly, the comments from others on those posts have really been of great help to my psyche–your comments have shown me I’m not the only one/I’m not alone/I’m not a freak/I’m not a bad mom already!

In reality, being pregnant is…weird. There are all these really amazing things happening, and some amazing experiences, but at the same time you’re dealing with this body that is no longer under your control, with these weird things happening, and add in hormones and first time mom fears and you’ve got a big ole pile of AAAAHHHHHH. And just like with most things in life, it’s so much easier to talk about and dwell on the negatives.

So to change things up today, as I enter my 36th week of pregnancy, I thought I’d do a list of good things about pregnancy. Things I’ve enjoyed. Things I’ve been awed and amazed by. Kooky things that have made me laugh. See, I’m not all negative!

  • Hearing the kid’s heartbeat for the first time was a pretty powerful experience. You’re laying in this room and all you hear is static for a bit while they look for the heartbeat (and of course, you’re freaking out that they won’t find it), and then all of a sudden…this wooomp, wooomp, wooomp fills the room. And all of a sudden, it’s this EXTREMELY real thing that is somewhat overwhelming, but totally amazing. I still love hearing his heartbeat during my doctor’s appointments.
  • My skin has been wonderful! I never had horrible skin or acne, but for the past few years I’ve had lots of those big, painful, below the surface cystic zits. You know, the ones that hurt like hell, and take about a month to go away? Yeah, not my favorite thing. Anyway, since being pregnant–not one. I’ve had pretty much “flawless” skin. I love it and will be so sad to see it go.
  • My nails have been beautiful. I’ve always had nails that flake and tear easily, and could never really grow them out. My nails now are strong, long, grow quickly and stay long. I shall be sad when they go away.
  • Baby things are completely adorable, and “awwwwww” inducing. Even if they make you freak out a little at how tiny they are!
  • Seeing the ultrasound was completely surreal, and totally cool at the same time. I only got the one ultrasound at 20 weeks, and the little man didn’t grace us with a shot of his face (the stinker), but it was still pretty amazing to see this little person!
  • Despite some specific complaints, for the most part people are pretty nice to pregnant women. Holding doors, reaching things on the top grocery shelf, slowing down so you can keep up, offering congratulations. It makes up for the people who have foot-in-mouth disease (most of the time).
  • I feel no guilt about my diet, such as butter, ice cream, french fries, etc. I haven’t gained that much weight (actually, I’m right on track with the recommendations), and I justify that for every “junk” food I eat, I’ve had double that in fruit (my biggest craving during this pregnancy). Plus, with the anemia, my doctor encouraged me to up my red meat intake!
  • I’ve probably never been healthier. With all the doctor’s appointments, bloodwork, vitamins, dietary requirements, and water intake, I’m feeling pretty healthy. If only my exercise level was up…but hauling my body around has got to count for something, right?
  • Though I miss real shoes, it is nice to get away with flip-flops EVERYWHERE. I’m lucky that my office is pretty laid back about my inability to wear real shoes.
  • I also don’t mind that I can get away with wearing the same 5 outfits every week. I’m to the point that dresses are about the only thing that’s comfortable for a full day of work, and I have just enough to get me through the work week. Wash and repeat the next week. It definitely makes my life easier.
  • And lastly, my favorite thing about pregnancy…it’s almost over. Just a few more weeks!

As always, more lists can be found over at abdpbt:


Alexis August 5, 2009 at 12:43 pm

Oh the nails, that might be my favorite bit! And the hair, I have really fine, sad looking hair usually, but now, it is a gleaming mane of thick strands. Shame when it starts coming out in clumps at the 3 month postpartum point.

I am glad you are enjoying the experience, though “weird” is really the best way to describe the situation.

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