10 things to look forward to this Christmas

by Ginger on December 1, 2008

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Now that it’s officially December (eek!), I feel I can talk about Christmas at long last. I luuurrve Christmas, it’s my favorite holiday by far, but the Christmas creep bugs me. I don’t want to see Christmas decorations in October folks. Just knock it off.

But, it’s officially that time of year, so this week’s list is all about the things I’m looking forward to about Christmas specifically, and December generally.

  1. 9 glorious days off work. Nine. Ahhh, I can feel the relaxation already. We’re going to ignore that it’s eating up all my vacation time for an entire year and just focus on the joy that is 9 days away from the office.
  2. Seeing my mom. Guys, my mom is the awesomest. She was the mom that all my friends loved. She was the cool mom. Hell, I think she’s still cooler than me. I get to spend 5 whole days with her and heaven knows we both need it.
  3. The Christmas tree. For the years we lived in Jersey, we had a fake tree, which both N.C. and I thought was sacrilege. But given that we didn’t have a car, and I’m a weenie of a person, buying a real one and dragging it 15 blocks wasn’t going to happen. One of my favorite reasons to have a car includes the ability to buy a real tree. Ah, that smell….and sitting and looking at twinkly lights is one of the romantic things N.C. and I always make time for.
  4. Christmas decorations. I have several boxes of Christmas decorations, from ornaments N.C. or I made as a kid to the super special ones my great grandmother created (and that the whole family fights over), from stockings to tree skirts, from Santas to angels, from candles to candy dishes. It generally takes one full Saturday to get them all out, and at the end our apartment is usually covered in holiday cheer.
  5. Did I mention 9 days off from work? Oh, I did? Well, it’s so awesome it gets two spots.
  6. Flustering my husband, yet again. I happen to be a champion gift giver. It frustrates N.C. because I always manage to get him basically perfect gifts (I’m not bragging, he’ll tell you as much), even without spending more than our limits for each other. It’s actually gotten to be a little thrill for me to out do him. Of course, he flabbergasted me for my birthday, so he got some payback this year.
  7. Christmas traditions. In my family, I play Santa on Christmas morning, we generally watch a movie sometime on Christmas day, and there are certain Christmas CD’s which MUST be played. Small silly things that make the holiday.
  8. My favorite Christmas movies. How the Grinch Stole Christmas–the original animated version only please. None of this Jim Carrey live action nonsense. Scrooged–I don’t know why, but I just love this movie. A Christmas Story–but only once, thanks.
  9. Christmas cards. I love getting Christmas cards. It’s the one time of year when we get mail that’s not bills and junk, and I love starting to see those envelopes full of cheer in the mailbox.
  10. Seeing family and a little taste of home. I can never see my entire family, which is the one sad thing about the holiday for me. But living so far away from everyone makes me especially grateful for those family members I will get to see at Christmas this year.

Oh, I know there’s more, but for the first Monday in December (eek!), this covers most of the bases. Talking about Christmas for my weekly fight against Listlessness? Love it! And as always, for more lists, go see Anna over at abdpbt:

But onto the good stuff…What are you looking forward to this holiday season/Christmas/December?

Jessica December 1, 2008 at 6:21 pm

I’m excited about these things too. I’m taking almost two weeks off of work and I’m literally counting down the day. Your mom sounds awesome. Unfortunately mine is not so I’m jealous 🙂 But in a good way.

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Nilsa December 1, 2008 at 6:49 pm

Awww, you’re getting me all excited for Christmas and I’m Jewish! (Though, it should be noted, I grew up celebrating Christmas and I’m married to a Christian!). I’m looking forward to giving my husband the bestest gifts ever. Because, like you, it’s hard to trump my gift giving. =)

Nilsa´s last blog post..Aftermath

Dr. Cason December 1, 2008 at 10:29 pm

I’ll have to make a similar list and my days off will rank up there a few times as well!

Please come visit again, I love having new people join me and I get to learn about them as well. I’d stay longer but my two year old is poking the camera with his pencil!

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Mad Asthmatic December 2, 2008 at 2:50 pm

Hurrah for Christmas, and for finding your blog. I love christmas, the tree has been decorated as has the house. each morning I am like a kid in a candy shop opening the next advent calender door – i know I should have grown out of this – but hey its christmas. Now where did i put the christmas carols cd.

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