“Haunting” memories

by Ginger on October 31, 2008

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Get it? Haunting? For Halloween? Ok, yes I’m lame, but I’m also brain dead today, so that’s what you get.

Anyway, since we’re being losers for, like, the 5th year in a row and not doing anything for Halloween, I thought I’d instead share some of my Halloween recollections.

Like the time I was in kindergarten and one of the 7th grade teachers burst into our classroom with a running chainsaw, face covered in a hockey mask. Yes, a running chainsaw. Into a kindergarten class. I believe I crawled to the coat room I was so scared, but since I was 5 I might be remembering wrong.

Oooh, there was the time I was in…maybe 2nd grade?…and rather than trick or treat, the community had a Halloween party at the local high school gym/theater, complete with a “haunted house”(through the backstage wings of the stage), face painting, and a cake walk. Anyone else ever do a cake walk? I never won, even when there were so many cakes/cupcakes that EVERYONE else won. (by the way, yes this all sounds rather lame…what can I say, I lived in a little teeny tiny town at the time.)

I’ve never been particularly good at dressing up for Halloween–I’m not very creative, and for all her talents, my mom was never a make a costume from scratch kind of mom. There were lots of cats, maybe one princess, a clown, a few “rockers” (which were usually just trampy clothes and lots of makeup, and maybe some pink spray in hair color…it starts at a young age). There was one time in high school that I went as the queen of hearts–I wore all black and took some posterboard and made a queen of hearts playing card to wear. Let me tell you, I was the hit of that party (yeah, not quite).

In college, with the freedom (and self-confidence) to go with a little bit less clothing, I did a little better. We had a party called Pimps and Hos which allowed for some great costumes(by the way, did EVERY group in every college have one of these parties? Sure seems like it). Yeah, we were classy.

One year, I borrowed a dress from my roommate that had way too many sequins on it and went as either Ginger from Gilligan’s Island or a beauty pageant contestant, depending on who I was talking to. That was an unfortunate year thanks to some poor decision making in the…um…undergarment department. Let’s just say that duct tape is not so kind to tender flesh and leave it at that.

My senior year was probably the best year I’ve ever had for costumes. I went as Catwoman, and wore these pleather shorts, bustier, and knee high boots, along with pleather ears and a tail. My god I miss that body!  My cohorts did some fantastic stuff that year too–my friend Katherine went as Poison Ivy and N.C. went as the most elaborate Edward Scissorhands I’ve ever seen (he worked on that costume for at least a good week, and couldn’t touch very much most of the night for fear of puncturing things with the scissor blades. I’ll post pictures someday).

Sadly, that was probably the last good year for me and Halloween. We’ve done a few parties since then, but nothing fantastic. The one year we were going to do something, N.C. and I both got pretty violently ill the day before and spent the day hoping no one would even knock on the door for candy. Today is no exception–we’re pretty much ignoring the holiday once again, thanks to a lethal combination of deadlines, exhaustion, and laziness.

I think next year, though, I’m going to try and throw an actual Halloween party. That’s it, I’m putting it on my blog now as a challenge to myself for next fall–do something with this holiday!! It’s a chance to be a kid again, to dress up, be silly, and ignore the call to be respectable and presentable all the time.

Here’s to Halloween 2009.

Katherine October 31, 2008 at 2:04 pm

I’m going to assume there was no chain on the chainsaw.

I was discussing the Pimps and Hos party the other day and how doing that on Halloween was obnoxious. I don’t want people dictating what costume I’m going to wear. But since I was at the house for about 5 minutes before I got sick from the icky, dirtiness of it all it didn’t matter.

They had a cakewalk in my office complex today along with a costume contest. I’m pretty sure Michael Jackson and his thriller dance won the cakewalk.

Tough Girl Kat October 31, 2008 at 4:14 pm

I’m not doing anything for halloween and this is the second year in a row. Even though I’m home I”m just putting out a bowl of candy for the kids so I don’t have to keep answering the damn door.

Jessica November 1, 2008 at 8:19 pm

You’re not a loser for not doing anything for Halloween. It’s not for everyone. You’re probably more sane than half the people out there!

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