Is it over yet?

by Ginger on October 30, 2008

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The countdown to the end of this campaign cycle has begun, and not a moment too soon. Once again, politics in this country has become too nasty, ugly, mean-spirited and divisive and I’m just ready for it to be over.

Don’t get me wrong, I’m hugely invested in this years campaigns, on the national, state and local levels, and I have some pretty strong opinions on many of the major races. I’ve taken the time to inform myself so I can make decisions based on what’s important to me, and I strongly urge everyone else out there to do the same.

But there’s something about the way our country does politics that makes me sad…sad for the way we look at each other with such distaste, distrust, disgust for having differing opinions and thoughts. It comes from both sides, too, no one party can claim to be better than the other about it. Oh, and I’m right there–my anger with supporters on the other side of Prop 8 in particular has flared up on many an occasion and made me that thing I dislike–so don’t think I’m just casting stones at others. I look in the mirror. I know that I can be that ugly thing as well.

Part of me wonders if we’ll ever be able to do it differently, if we’ll ever be able to work together politically without calling people names and resorting to the lowest part of ourselves. We all talk about how we don’t like negative campaigning, but it works for a reason–because it feeds into the base part of ourselves that we sometimes can’t help. We allow the negative ads and words and looks to become our own, even if only subconsciously.

It all settles down again, for the most part, after the election is over. Most of us go back to paying attention without being rabid, to following what’s happening without having it make us these political junkies. But for the period of the campaign, particularly every four years, we become a nation that I’m not sure recognizes itself. And I can’t wait until it’s over, and the Mr. Hyde in the mirror turns back into Dr. Jekyll.

At least until next time.

Katherine October 30, 2008 at 7:43 pm

I just sat through a commerical break that was all polictical ads. But in all honesty, this year isn’t all that bad in California, there are no major state offices or US Senate seats up for grabs.

And last time I checked no one in Congress had a fist fight on the floor; politics in the US is pretty tame.

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