I need a weekend to recover from my weekend

by Ginger on October 26, 2008

in Random

I’ve been out of town since Friday morning…did you all miss me?? I know I missed you!

This weekend was homecoming at my alma mater, and me, the hubs and our bestest friends from college made the trip to Tucson for a weekend of revelry. I’ve got stories, and pictures (oh man, do I have pictures), but after 7 hours in the car after a long day of drinking, the last thing I’ve got patience for is going through 300 photos (I told you I have pictures), so it will have to wait a few days while I get myself organized.

In the meantime, I direct you to one of my favorite blogs for some giggles to keep you entertained until I return to full mental capacity: Cake Wrecks

Everyone else have a good weekend??

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