Scenes from a gallery night

by Ginger on September 14, 2008

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My husband has a studio space in a local gallery that specializes in “his kind” of art–sometimes called pop surrealism, lowbrow, urban surrealism, and a host of other not-quite-right names. Every month the gallery has an opening featuring new artists, and all the studio artists have their doors open, allowing for a sort of personalized gallery event alongside the main opening. It’s a really great opportunity for the studio artists to show and sell their work, meet the featured artists, meet local art enthusiasts, network, etc.

These days can be really hectic prepping for the night (cleaning the studio, printing signs for upcoming shows, etc.), not to mention several hours of being “on” as we talk to people who come through the studio. But at the same time, they’re really fun, and we’ve gotten to be friends with a lot of the other studio artists, so we get to socialize with them during those evenings as well.

Last night was an opening, so here are some scenes from the gallery night:

All the studios have the artists’ name and room number on them…this is N.C.’s 3rd room since we moved here a year ago (he’s finally settled).

The gallery normally has a local winery or brewery sponsor the opening, so we tend to have free booze for the night.

When traffic flow through the studio slows down, N.C. will paint or draw. Here, he’s working on some sketches for a logo design.

Yes, more wine. In the background you can see the progress on the bust N.C. is doing for the Keep-a-Breast Foundation. They do busts of women and men, and provide them to artists to gussy up. The final products are auctioned off, with the proceeds going to the foundation to promote breast health and breast cancer awareness.

This is my corner when the night gets a little long. The chair is a really comfortable Craigslist find, and Ice Bat up there calms my nerves when it gets too be too much talking to a bunch of strangers. (Have I mentioned that makes me uncomfortable?).

Paintbrushes. This is maybe a tenth of the amount of paintbrushes my husband has. And yet, he mostly just uses these ones.

N.C. drawing while talking (he’s going to be mad that I’m using this photo…between the mid-saying-something mouth and the shine from the flash, he’s not going to be thrilled. Sorry babe!). The wine–his. The diet coke in the background–mine.

My empty wine glass. I tend to finish off one glass pretty early to help relax me. Then I move back to Diet Coke. (see picture above)

Lucky for me, there’s a 7-11 right down the street from the gallery. Perfect for a mid-evening pick me up.

At the end of the night, we’re usually a combination of exhausted and hopped up on adrenaline, caffeine, and in my case, candy.

So once we get home, there’s generally some relaxing that has to happen before we can go to bed. Last night…Bioshock.

Yes, we pulled out the sofa bed and played violent video games at midnight last night. Don’t judge, gallery nights are tiring!

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