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by Ginger on September 8, 2008

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Let me just say…I’m exhausted! The weekend went spectacularly well–art was sold, contacts made, business done, etc, etc, etc–but gracious it was tiring. 8 hours on Friday getting the show up and ready, 8 hours on Saturday at the show (and no air conditioning–ick), and about 4 hours on Sunday in business meetings. Plus all the driving, so I’m pretty pooped.

The show on Saturday was pretty amazing to see–and not just for the art. Oh no, lest you be confused, it was the PEOPLE who made for my viewing pleasure. There were several people who took the “erotic costumes” to heart…with varying levels of success. Thigh highs, thongs, bustiers, collars, chains, bras, pasties…lots of good stuff.

Sadly, I got very few photos of the ensembles (I’m a little too shy to ask someone with pasties on if I can take her photo), but that’s ok, because my friend Katherine got the only photo that we needed for the night.

May I present–The Best Accessory EVER:

That, my friends, is a real-live-honest-to-goodness snake. This lovely lady and her little friend stayed at the show for about 4 hours. The snake stayed put as her hair accessory the entire night! I was absolutely dumbfounded when I saw this, but it does beg a few questions.

  • Does she wear her snake out in public often?
  • Does this cause her problems?
  • Was he as bothered by the lack of air conditioning as I was (seriously folks, it had to be at least 95 in the building)?
  • Did her neck hurt the next day?
  • Did HE like the art?

See folks, this is the kind of stuff I have gotten used to since entering the art world that my husband inhabits. And why I feel so boring and tame in that world!

But man, it makes for some fantastic people watching.

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