The quick montage of my work life

by Ginger on August 25, 2008

in The 9-5

I’m sure I’m going to be talking about my job on this blog, so I might as well give you some background into my situation.  It’ll be quick and painless, like the musical montages in every romantic comedy that shows lots of background in a very short little section of the film. But without the pop ballad.

I took my current job last year after moving from New York to San Diego. The job was one of a very few that would allow me to remain in book publishing, and I was thrilled to learn that not only would it be a step up from my previous publishing job in title, salary and responsibility, it would also give me management experience—woohoo!

Well, within one month of being on the job, my direct report had quit to move back to her home state. We couldn’t get approval to fill her role.

4 months after that, my boss quit.

This is when my left eye started twitching almost nonstop. No I’m not kidding.

At this point, I was the ENTIRE marketing department. In later posts, I’m sure I’ll elaborate on what marketing does at a book publisher, but suffice it to say, I was overworked, overwhelmed, and pretty much over it.

Another director was appointed the interim marketing director to fill in for my old boss. While she is not a marketing person, she is a pretty fantastic boss, so for the most part, I’m in a good position now, and lucky that it was this director who got the nod. She has been a real champion for me, and, after I almost had a nervous breakdown, we were finally allowed to hire a coordinator to report to me.

So it took 7 months, but I finally got a sort of ok situation with support and a boss who would get my back and whatnot. Wonder how it’ll go from here?

anna August 25, 2008 at 12:58 pm

My friends and I started calling those musical montages the “prankee” of the movie in college. Why “prankee”? Dunno. It was the last name of one of the guys in the dorm and seemed as good as any other name for it.

I think I might be able to guess where you work–glad it’s starting to feel more comfortable and like home.

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