High heels, how I’ve missed you

by Ginger on July 21, 2008

in I'm a Disaster

It’s been a sad year for my high heels. It was a year ago this week (damn you ComicCon), that I reinjured my knee. That forced surgery. Which forced recovery. It was February before I attempted high-heels for real again (I had broken them out briefly for job interviews and a few special occasions).

Then in February, I worked a trade show. Yes, I was dumb and wore heels the first day. My feet…no, my toes…hurt beyond belief. Swollen, red, hot–they were the very epitome of inflamed. The next 3 days were not much better. But I thought it was because I had jumped from 0-60, going from flats all the time to 4 straight on-my-feet-for-12-hours-in-heels days.

But, strangely, the pain continued. Every time I wore heels, or wedges, or flip-flops, or hell, anything that wasn’t my tennis shoes.

Three weeks ago, I finally broke down and went to the doctor. Turns out, I’ve got arthritis. At the bare minimum in the toe joints, but more likely through my feet, ankles and other joints as well (we already knew about the knee). According to the doc, heels will pretty much cause me pain from now on.

My heels sit sadly in my closet, rarely worn any more. I attempted small heels today at work–1/2 day, in an office setting, not much walking around. Still, 5 hours later, my feet are–yup–swollen, and inflamed. Damn.

Don’t you think that I’m sticking to flats for all time though. I like the way my legs look in heels, and know that vanity will still occasionally overtake common sense and even my pain threshold.

I will bitch about the pain though. You’ve been warned.

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