by Ginger on February 8, 2008

in The 9-5

So I’m using my lunch hour to write a blog about how overwhelmed I feel at work. After working through lunch every day this week, I need the release.

See, I’ve become a department of one. I’m doing the work of 4 people (the size this dept. used to be). I’m having to learn graphic design, production, and all the programs that go with that. I’m working with deadlines no one told me about, on software I never got training on, with a database that flat doesn’t work. I’m so overwhelmed with it all that I feel 1)like I’m horrible at my job 2)like everyone else thinks I’m horrible at my job 3)like I’m missing every deadline known to man and 4) like I’m drowning in my to do list. I haven’t been this overwhelmed in a long time.

I’m really lucky–my boss is very cool about it all. She knows that I’m only one person, and I can only do what I can do. But I’m the kind of person who takes missing deadlines personally. Who feels like if I’m not handling every request within a day that I’m not living up to my own personal work ethic. This KILLS me.

Not only that, but I actually have some good marketing ideas–but there’s just no time to implement them. I mean, I’m just barely keeping my head above water on the things that HAVE to get done, there’s no way to add the interesting marketing stuff. But that’s what I was hired for–that’s why I took this job.

Oh, thank God it’s the weekend. Maybe I’ll feel better on Monday.

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