It’s about that time

by Ginger on March 28, 2007

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After 3 1/2 years, today is our last full day in the New York metro area. WOOHOO!

We’ve been crazy busy the last week or two, what with the going away parties, the packing, the drinking, the last days of work, the art sales, the drinking, the packing, the trying to do some of our favorite New York things again, the packing, the packing and oh, did I mention the packing?  We’re probably about 90% done with the packing–but it’s all the stuff that we actually need till the last minute (like the computer, bed, etc.)  We’ll finish it all up today.

It’s been emotional at moments, but there’s been so much to do that we haven’t really had time for it to soak in…I keep saying it’s going to hit somewhere around Ohio.

So today being our last day, we’re going to head into the city one more time…eat some, drink some, shop some ( I need new jeans!), take some photos…then we’ll have dinner/drinks with my favorite person in Jersey…then we’ll finish packing (way to save it to the last minute, huh?).

Tomorrow we pack up and head into the sunset –well, hopefully we’ll drive off earlier than that…we’re planning for the trip to take 5-6 days depending on weather/traffic & how much we actually feel like driving each day. A brief stopover in Las Vegas (long enough to pick up furniture from the in-laws, much as I might wish it were just for fun), and poof! we’re there.

My next post will be from my new more westerly location!


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