Where I run over you like a rodent

by Ginger on December 21, 2006

in Random

Went out to lunch with a coworker today (it’s so dead around here, we thought a nice lunch out would do us good)…the food was wonderful, but I’m not so sure leaving the building was worth it.

4 days before Christmas, midtown Manhattan is overrun with tourists. It’s like a horror movie where all the cockroaches take over the world. Now, don’t get me wrong, I understand the pleasures of touristy New York, particularly at the holidays. But there was many a moment where the urge to push people in front of oncoming buses was almost stronger than I could resist. With the strollers and the grandmas and the shopping bags and mosey-ing and the deer-in-the-headlights look and the where are we?’s and the where is the tree?’s and the I’m-stopping-right-where-I-stand-in-the-damn-middle-of-the-sidewalk-to-take-a-picture (which, by the way, will never NOT have other people in it. Unless you’re willing to wait until around 3 am. But 1:30 pm on a weekday, there’s no way)–it’s lucky there wasn’t a bloodbath.

Ah, 3 1/2 days in San Antonio–please don’t make me leave the safety of my mom’s house, far far away from people! Maybe then I can get in the holiday spirit, and not just want to kill folks.

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