Well it’s done

by Ginger on December 20, 2006

in I'm a Disaster

The tooth is gone. It hurts like a mo-fo, I had a bit of a bleeding issue yesterday, and every time my tongue goes over my stitches, it wigs me out a little, but at least insurance paid for it (well, all except the drugs to put me under…but that’s $200 that was WELL worth it, IMO). It’s going to be weird to be without the tooth for so long (3 months until the implant gets put in and then another 3 months before the crown goes on), but I’m sure I’ll get used to it soon enough. If only it didn’t hurt so much–should make for a thrilling holiday!

The last of the holiday gifts (besides the ones going with me to San Antonio) is shipping today. Woohoo! I still have to 2 day them since Christmas is on Monday, but at least I can feel somewhat ahead of the game. Now all that’s left is cleaning the apartment and doing some laundry, and I’m all set for the holidays.

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