Inside Publishing: Do You Read All Those Books?

March 25, 2011

Someone asked after my last publishing post a combo question: Do I read all the books I work on and what books do I work on? Since I began working in traditional book publishing about 8 years ago, I have worked on non-fiction (except memoir) and children’s books. For non-fiction I have worked on books […]

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What do YOU want to know about publishing?

February 25, 2011

Ok, so yeah, the poll so far is unanimously in favor of hearing about publishing (I’m still taking opinions though if you want to go voice yours). It appears you’re all pretty excited about it, so I’m gonna give it my best shot to write about it, though I’m not entirely sure what form that’s […]

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Authors? Don’t blame marketing

January 10, 2011

I got lambasted today at work by an author. Which in and of itself is not a huge issue–it’s happened before, it will happen again, it can be the nature of the beast. But honestly, it’s kind of infuriating to get blamed, over and over and over again, for things that are NOT MY JOB. […]

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Crisis management

September 16, 2008

Today was a day where I confirmed, yet again, what I’m best at (in the working world): Crisis Management. Not creative, not marketing, not managing, not outside-the-box thinking (or for that matter inside-the-box thinking). It’s not that I’m bad at those things, on the contrary I am good at those. But I’m GREAT at crisis […]

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Days like these

September 2, 2008

Today at work was…well, we’ll call it hectic…sure. Let’s recap the morning shall we? 8:30 am read email 8:31 am see email that shows a serious mistake of the highest order 8:32 am realize that boss is out at funeral and so must shoulder mistake on my own—plus try to fix. 8:33 am realize I’m royally f*^ed 8:40 am get […]

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