domestic life

I think we need to simplify

August 19, 2010

If you follow me on Twitter (you do, don’t you?) you may have seen me comment the other day that I was thinking about leaving my hair stylist, who I love. Leaving her would make me sad, but lately it’s been really hard to get to see her–she only works a few evenings late enough […]

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The 12 best parts about date night

April 19, 2010

Wearing clothes that (unless things go horribly wrong) don’t have another person’s spit-up all over them Being able to eat in a leisurely manner, rather than scarfing food down in 3 minutes flat before the baby gets into something else Those nice dangly earrings aren’t in danger of being ripped out When you sit down […]

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Thanksgiving Feast

November 26, 2008

Since tomorrow is Thanksgiving, and my in-laws are coming in town to celebrate with us, I’ve got the menu on my brain. I’m trying to plan how best to stagger dishes, what needs to be prepped tonight, and how best to not get full from “testing” all day tomorrow! We did Thanksgiving at our place […]

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Mr. and Mrs. Clean

November 23, 2008

Today was spent cleaning the house in anticipation of Thanksgiving, and the arrival of my in-laws. I hate cleaning, but I hate being embarrassed by the state of the apartment even more, so we sucked it up and got down to business. There are still a few last minute things we’ll do on Wednesday before […]

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