Good news everyone!

by Ginger on August 9, 2016

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For those of you who might have missed it on Twitter or FB: guess what guys?

I got a J.O.B.


A real, honest to goodness, they will give me money in exchange for my work and brain and things FULL TIME JOB.

I think it’s going to be a good one too, not an “I’ll take whatever I can get at this point” job. It’s a senior marketing manager position at a stand up paddle board/surf board company, with some real meaty marketing work and management work, both of which I’m super excited about. My new boss is someone I think I’ll be able to learn a lot from, and I’m super excited about that too. We seem to have a pretty good rapport, so I’m all around excited on that front.  (I’m also pretty excited that the office is just over 4 miles from my house, not gonna lie). EXCITED, clearly.

(And you guys are all excited that maybe I’ll finally have something else to talk about ?. I know I am).

I start in a week, which will be almost exactly one year from when my last job & I parted ways (11 days would make a year, but who’s counting?), almost exactly one year from my birthday (12 days, but who’s counting?). 36 has, legit, been the one of the hardest years of my life, of my marriage, of my career, and whooooooooooo boy will I be glad to put it in the rear view and see what 37 has to offer. I know this past year has given me (and will continue to reveal, I’m sure) a lot of good lessons and things I need to improve on and the like, but I am still glad to finally (FINALLY) be close to the light at the end of this particular tunnel. I’m excited about the prospects of what’s on the horizon, and the challenges ahead (and a paycheck, let’s be honest here), and of rebuilding a lot of what this past year has torn down.

I have a lot of big plans for this next year is what I’m saying and I’m SO EXCITED to move forward.

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by Ginger on June 28, 2016

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Because it’s about how much brain power I have lately.


Reason being: The kid is *finally* out of school–his last day was last week, which seems really late. However, we’re all missing school already, as I suspected might be the case. I’m not super comfortable in the SAHM role, and the kid much MUCH MUCH prefers the structure & stability of school. We’ll do a couple of camps, and we have some family visits planned, but…oof y’all, it’s got the potential to be a loooooong summer for everyone involved.


Our 10 year anniversary was last month. It wasn’t the celebration we had envisioned for so long (someday Italy, someday), but we were able to spend some time, just the two of us, thinking back on the past 10 years. It seems bananas that it’s already been 10 years, and that it’s only been 10 years. This year has been BY FAR the hardest of our marriage, but there’s still no one in the world I’d rather have by my side in the good stuff and the crappy stuff.


Speaking of crappy stuff, I’m still looking for work. Unemployment benefits ended last month, which sucks, & I wrapped up my last existing freelance client a few weeks ago, so I’m just in the search search search mode. I’m working w/a few recruiters, and I even had a really good interview today (though I’ve learned not to get my hopes up), so hopefully something will turn up soon.  In the meantime, if you know anyone looking for a marketing pro, send ’em my way!


Oh, and may I just say, THANK GOODNESS for N.C.’s business.


We’ve changed up some of our eating habits, after some not fantastic cholesterol numbers a few weeks back (based on the amount of butter we were going through before, it really was time for a change). There’s a lot more to it than that, but it’s been good (and eye opening) to reevaluate things. I’ve been slowly but steadily losing weight, and I’m starting to get into a groove of what works and what doesn’t (though I’m still working on it).

In that vein, if you’ve got any really exceptional fish, vegetarian, or low saturated fat recipes hanging around, please share!


Speaking of, you should really make these sweet potatoes (I recommend sprinkling with a little bit of cotija cheese) and these black bean tacos (I throw in some fresh jalapeno & a splash of liquid from some pickled jalapenos instead of chipotle powder. But it’s not necessary). But maybe not together. Or, you know, you do you, I’m not the boss.


We’re reading Harry Potter (the illustrated version) with Jackson right now, and oh it’s just the best best best. I’m convinced at least 1/3 of the details are going over his head at any given time, but I don’t even care. He’s sure Hagrid is the nicest person ever, and that Malfoy is SO NOT NICE, and he is convinced that Snape is the MEANEST (we’ll have to come to terms with Snape’s complications in time kiddo, but for now, you’re right, he’s just the meanest teacher ever), and yep, sharing this with him (even if he’s not getting ALL of it) is just the best.


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Things I am grateful for, right now

by Ginger on May 24, 2016

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The internet.

The amazing people I’m lucky to call my friends.

Hulu. Netflix. Amazon Prime.


Antibiotics and how quickly strep responds to them.

My otherwise healthy kid.

Health insurance (thanks Obama!).

Diet Coke.

My guys.

Group texts that make me laugh and laugh.


Cozy socks.

The village we’re slowly building here.

Cookie butter ice cream.

Good books.

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Vegas Baby, Vegas

by Ginger on April 27, 2016

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This past weekend, I headed off to Vegas for my 4th Blathering, that fabulous gathering of internet lovelies that I look forward to every year. It was…questionable, for a while, whether or not I was going to be able to go, but we found a way to make it happen, for which I am eternally grateful. I needed this past weekend more than I think I could possibly put into words, both mentally and emotionally (but maybe not physically. DAYUM do I hate casino smoke).

I took hardly any pictures, like the lazy blogger I am (hashtag shitty camera), but it’s ok. I don’t need a camera to remind me of laughing at 1 am in the food court, or chair dancing to the 80’s cover band, or lounging poolside in the sahhhhweeet VIP cabana that we scored thanks to terrible service the day before. I don’t need pictures to remind me of how full my heart was after every hug, after every “I’m so glad you’re here,” after every sweet smile and kind word and “CHEERS.” (Also, just in general, I *highly* recommend a Vegas trip with a bunch of crazy ladies who giggle and laugh and snort at all the same crap you giggle and laugh and snort at. A+ work, would Vegas again. )

The best part, honestly, was seeing all these wonderful women, women who have no shit held me up in the darkest parts of the past year, women who have seen my ugliest and my lowest and keep coming back and offering me their hands and their hearts over and over. On more than one occasion I looked around and got choked up seeing so many people who care for me, and who I care for. I don’t always know that I have done my share when they need me, or that I’ve earned their support, but hot damn am I thankful for it, and hot damn am I thankful to have been able to hug them in person this past weekend.


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Sunday Snippets

by Ginger on April 17, 2016

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So this week clearly didn’t make the “blog 4-5 times a week in April” challenge. In my defense…well, no. I could have made time, but I just focused on a lot of other things instead. On to the next week!


A friend of ours from college died unexpectedly last week. We hadn’t spoken with her in a few years beyond the usual Facebook chatter, but she was one of those people who was just a light in any room she was in, and it’s been hard to think of her being gone. N.C. is going to her funeral this week & it just feels so wrong for someone from college to be needing a funeral already. She wasn’t even 40.  Just…it’s just shit, you know?


Because I love my kid, and he wanted us to do it, I played in the mother/son kickball event at his school on Friday. We had a lot of fun–there was very little adherence to any kind of rules, we all ran all over the place like loons, and everyone laughed and laughed and laughed. My foot and ankle maybe didn’t have as good a time, but held up, & even though that’s not my kind of thing, I’m really glad we did it together.



We went to a friend’s 40th birthday party last night, and it was such a lovely, low key affair–we all had a great time. They had a margarita machine as the big extravagance of the party, and DAMN that’s a good idea for a grown up party. Or a terrible one, it may depend on how you indulge. 😉


I’ve been doing a fair amount of socializing and interacting, and it’s been good. It’s nice to feel like we’re starting to have an actual village and community, and friends, and people we can call on, and who call on us. It’s just a nice part of life right now.


It’s a gorgeous sunny day, and it’s my turn to make mojitos, so I’ll close it out here. Have fun & be good to each other!

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