The Kid

Growing Up, One Worksheet at a Time

February 3, 2014

Sometimes, it blows my mind that my kid is slowly turning into this actual little person. He is learning and absorbing information at this insanely fast clip, or at least it seems like it sometimes. Today, his school folder came home with a couple of months worth of stuff they’ve done–worksheets and crafts and pictures–and […]

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Our Experience with Kawasaki Disease

January 26, 2014

Sometime between Christmas and New Year’s, we noticed that Jackson’s hands and feet were peeling. The skin was just coming off in sheets (it was so gross), but only on his hands and feet. It didn’t hurt him, or bother him (other than being annoying), but it was really weird. I sort of figured at […]

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Ask the Internet: What the Heck Do I Buy My Kid? Edition

November 25, 2013

For once, Jackson is proving to be sort of difficult for me to figure out Christmas gifts for. So I’m going to throw a few questions out there to you guys, since I know your brains work better than mine do! So, some specific questions: 1. What are some of your favorite book recommendations for […]

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November 1, 2013

So Erica reminded me that there are federal blogging regulations that require the posting of costumed children from Halloween. And you guys know me, I’m a rule follower, so Halloween pictures it is! Jackson decided almost a month ago that he wanted to be Mickey Mouse, which I just find totally adorable. What kid wants […]

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October 23, 2013

The other day, I was watching Jackson do something, stacking something with lots of different sized and shaped pieces. Anyway, I was watching him do things with his hands, and I noticed he was using these very precise, deliberate, almost graceful movements to accomplish his task. I watched his fingers gently curl around this roundish […]

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