Pretty Makeup Organization, or How My Husband Is Awesome

February 3, 2012

One of the earliest things I found on Pinterest  was this fun little makeup display: Source: via rambleginger on Pinterest   I’ve been obsessed with it since then, because I think it would address some of my problems with my makeup (namely, that it either gets buried in my one little drawer to the […]

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Making Time, Taking Time

January 25, 2012

A full-time job, a commute, a toddler,a dog, a cat, a freelance business, an upcoming art show, a side business, three blogs, one online store, multiple twitters, facebooks, tumblr, pinterest, etc., etc., etc. 24 hours. Two people. Something ends up giving, and sadly, what usually gives first is time together. We retreat to our corners, […]

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Being Married to an Artist

January 16, 2012

I’ve had people ask me before what it’s like to be married to an artist. I think what people really mean is “what’s it like to live with someone so creative all the time” but the reality is that every artist (like every person) is probably different. My husband, for example, is definitely not the […]

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For My Husband

May 27, 2011

  For filling our home with laughter. For giving me support. For pushing me to be my best. For believing in me. For offering me a helping hand when I’m at my worst. For giving me our son. For loving me. For being you. For five years. For our future. Happy Anniversary.

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Talking About Work, Motherhood, and Marriage

April 12, 2011

Yesterday, there was a post on Mom-101 that I thought about all day long. In The unspoken truths of mothers on top, Liz wrote about the challenges of being a mom who is the primary breadwinner married to the stay at home dad trying to work, explore your passion, and feed your family. Uh…sounds familiar. […]

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