November 2015

Rambling Recommendations

November 20, 2015

Look at that, three weeks in a row! This week’s recommendations are sort of all over the place, with no thematic link. YAY! (also, they’re pretty short, because I’m suddenly exhausted down to my bones and want to go take a quick nap before the child gets home). SO! Let’s get cracking! Freeup Massage Cream […]

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A list of grievances

November 19, 2015

I’ve woken up with a headache the last few days. There’s been some screw up/mix up/something (no one can tell me exactly) with the paperwork for the kid’s insurance, and with the application that is tied to the insurance N.C. & I have, which means I need to call 3 different circles of hell to […]

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The lessons and questions of history

November 18, 2015

Ever since I was a kid, I’ve been fascinated by history. Certain time periods more than others, but in general, history has always been captivating. And often horrifying. When I was younger, World War II was one of my biggest obsessions. There were so many elements to what was happening during WWII, so many players, […]

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Parent teacher conferences

November 17, 2015

Today was parent teacher conference time with J’s teacher. We weren’t really worried about anything coming up in the conference that we weren’t already aware of, but we did want to see how the kid was doing, especially since he came into the class late, we had some hiccups in learning all the ins and […]

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November 16, 2015

Today, my general reaction to the world is: OMFG ARE YOU KIDDING ME and I’m going to write more tomorrow, but today I just can’t. via GIPHY via GIPHY It’s too hard to type when I’m like this. via GIPHY

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