November 2015


November 25, 2015

I grew up in the desert. It was dry and it was hot. Humidity was my nemesis and the phrase “it’s a dry heat” was my mantra.  And then I moved to New York and it was humid and gross a lot of the time. It was rarely dry like I grew up with, and […]

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Car dog

November 24, 2015

You know how you see dogs in the car, head out the window, pure joy on their faces?  Yeah, that’s not my dog.  We drove with her to Vegas to my MIL’s today, and I swear she shook the entire time. She doesn’t like putting her head out the window. She HATES if there are […]

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November 23, 2015

It’s always right around Thanksgiving that I start really questioning my decision to do NaBloPoMo. This year is no exception. Today was filled with doing a million things, and I really need to do a couple more things before bedtime rolls around, but I have to squeak out a blog post before I can do […]

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Kids and TV

November 22, 2015

No, this isn’t a post about screen time. Instead, I’m curious how you do things in your house around a specific thing, which is kids and grown-up tv. When J was a baby, we would watch whatever we wanted when he was around and awake, because…well, baby. He didn’t really care what was on the […]

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November 21, 2015

Last night, I was riiiiiggghhhhtttt on the edge of sleep, in that lovely moment where you’re totally relaxed and have finally let your mind shut off and are starting to drift away, when suddenly… MROWR. MROWR. MROWR. I SAID MROWR DAMNIT (ok, maybe not that part, but it sure seems to be the gist). Yeah. […]

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