A list of grievances

by Ginger on November 19, 2015

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I’ve woken up with a headache the last few days.

There’s been some screw up/mix up/something (no one can tell me exactly) with the paperwork for the kid’s insurance, and with the application that is tied to the insurance N.C. & I have, which means I need to call 3 different circles of hell to try and get it all figured out.

Donald Trump won’t stop being Donald Trump.

I have a bad case of the wants which doesn’t go so well with my case of the unemployeds.

My kid won’t decide on anything that isn’t a video game system to ask Santa for for Christmas. I keep trying to push him toward a bike (he’s gotten too big for his current bike, and needs new knee & elbow pads too), but damn is that kid stubborn and single minded.

Any and all talk about national databases for Muslims, and special identification cards they have to carry is about to make my head explode. (see also: Donald Trump). COME ON WORLD, WE HAVE BEEN HERE BEFORE.

Applying for jobs on application systems that look like they were created in 2001.

The motorcycle that is has been revving its motor outside my house for 5 minutes.

All the fear-mongering going on, aimed at precisely the wrong things. I understand fear, I do, but we’re aiming it at he wrong things right now. Just…read this. And this. And this.


My kid is apparently studying up to be the champion bedtime staller. Recent gems include: “I just needed to tell you that my poop stinks” and “But mommy, you forgot to tape my torn paper!” and “Ummmmmm, can I, ummmmmm, I just, ummmmmm, can I, ummmmmmmm, I have an itch on my belly.”

It’s supposed to be 80 this weekend ( I actually think this is related to my headache. We’ve had some swings in temps lately).

I’m clearly grouchy.

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