The healing pages of a good book

by Ginger on November 2, 2015

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There was a period back in July & August where I was having a lot of anxiety every day (there were many reasons, all of which are no longer an issue now thankfully). There was a 2ish week period where I was almost to the point of panic attacks pretty much every day. It was…no fun, to say the least. During that time, I figured out only ONE sure-fire way to calm myself down–reading. I blew through about 2000 pages in about 8 days, because getting immersed in other worlds was way better than freak outs. It was a huge help at a time when I couldn’t figure out any other ways to help myself. And then I didn’t read anything for months.

That seems to be my cycle with reading lately—I read a ton for whatever reason, then I don’t read anything for weeks or months. In those weeks/months, it’s like I forget the healing and happiness that books bring me, until I need them again. Luckily, books are always there for me whenever I come back for them.

This time, I came back for less anxiety riddled reasons, and more just because I wanted to read. I’ve had The Martian on my Nook for probably a month, month & a half now, and finally felt up to reading it. I know, I’m months behind the rest of the world on this one, but I did want to read the book before seeing the movie. And oooh man, I’m so glad I did.

The book was just…fun. It was science-y, which probably would have been a little bit annoying if it hadn’t also been suspenseful and entertaining and compelling and engrossing. It was a definite page turner, keeping me invested in the story, and the main character. It was also laugh out loud funny in places, which I wasn’t really expecting, but was a fantastic counter point to the tension inherent in the story. If you have any interest in science/sci-fi, or if you liked Apollo 13, then you should check this one out (if you haven’t already). Plus, then there’s the fact that you’ll have the background for when you go see the movie where once again, Matt Damon needs saving. 😉

I’m so glad I found myself back in the pages of a good book. It was nice to be reading again. It was nice to be reading for fun, instead of for stress/anxiety. It was nice to get immersed in a good, fun book. It really is one of the best prescriptions for joy, and such a relatively simple one. I just need to remember that.


Jesabes November 2, 2015 at 6:11 pm

I read the Martian in early September and it pulled me out of a months-long reading drought, too! It was so funny and fast paced. I loved it.

Carmen November 3, 2015 at 10:09 am

I also use books in the same way. I use them to distract myself from my life – and that’s why I don’t want to read books that are sad and depressing. I want to ESCAPE depressing things, not make it worse.

I consciously decided to see the Martian movie first, before reading the book. I already knew the story (basically) and I am perpetually disappointed in movies based on books because the book is ALWAYS better. So I watched the movie (so good!) and will now read the book. I should have done this for so many other things – Jurassic Park, for instance. The book is so good; the movie was good, but the book was better.

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