November 2015

Goodbye NaBloPoMo

November 30, 2015

No one is going to say that my NaBloPoMo was filled with quality posts that stirred minds and hearts. But I did it, if only just, and I’ll take it whatever the outcome was. I wish I had met my 400 word per post goal a little more than I did, but oh well. It’s […]

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December To-Do List

November 29, 2015

Edit 12/17, just to see how much I’ve accomplished: At least in part… put up the Christmas lights (we put up the rest of the non-light, non-tree decorations today. It’s pretty awesome already.) find our 2015 Christmas ornament buy & decorate the Christmas tree (this one has to wait a little longer so that it’s […]

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November 28, 2015

We just got back from our Thanksgiving with my mother in law. It was a lovely (if cold, dry, and windy!) visit, but I am glad to be home. There’s just nothing like your own bed, your own space, your own stuff, you know? But I am super excited that we got sent home with […]

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Tis the season

November 27, 2015

I keep vacillating between going “oh crap, how on earth is it almost Christmas” and going “oh yay, it’s almost Christmas.” Which kinda sums up the whole year, if I’m honest. Surprise that it’s already so late, along with happiness that it’s almost over. Anyway, now that thanksgiving is over, it’s officially the Christmas season. […]

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Giving Thanks

November 26, 2015

This year has been rough for this family. The past 6 months in particular have been probably some of the toughest few months we’ve had together. And honestly, right now, it’s sometimes hard to be thankful, to see past the rough parts, to be grateful instead of frustrated and mad at the situation.  But today […]

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