Wait, where’d my summer go?

by Ginger on August 19, 2015

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So school starts for the small person in about a week and a half & I’m feeling a bit crabby about the fact. My summer was stolen by my stupid foot, and while I’m at a point where I can say, “Yeah, the surgery will end up being a good thing in the long run (probably),” I’m still crabby about the fact that all our summer plans went to crap.

My summer has had entirely too little beach and pool and vacation, and entirely too much I-can’t-do-jack and medical bills and stress. I’d like more of the former please, and less of the latter.


On the positive side–recovery is progressing. I’ve been walking without crutches for about 2 weeks now, which includes such wonderful side bonuses as: not going up and down the stairs on my butt, walking into the kitchen to get my own glass of water, and the ever popular feeling like I can contribute to the family again. I can’t go for long stretches at a time–I max out around an hour, and pay for it when I do push that hard, but I feel so grateful to have even that amount of time. Being on one foot only was rough, rougher than I was expecting both physically and mentally & so I’m just glad to be on both feet, however much I can.

I started PT last week, and while I think it’s going to be a slow process, I can already see improvement in my range of motion and flexibility (though don’t be mistaken, we’re talking about improvements of mere centimeters. But it’s improvement nonetheless). My short term goals are: to be able to walk to the bathroom in the middle of the night without my crutches (I don’t sleep in the boot anymore, and walking without it is…hesitant, at best. Doing it in the middle of the night is not currently possible, but crutches in the middle of the night? in the dark? yeah, that’s scary.), and to be able to wear a real shoe instead of the boot. I think I’m a couple of weeks away from either, but I’m closer every day.

Longer term, I need to remember that this is a long term deal. I’ve been told it may be up to a full year before I feel “back to normal” & that some things may never be totally back to normal, particularly with regard to some of the nerve sensation (or lack thereof) stuff. The short term goal is to get me up, on my feet, out of the boot, no matter how hobbly, wobbly, stiff and janky it may be. If I can do that by the end of my 8 weeks of PT, I’ll consider it a success. The long term goals are more about the fine tuning after that: eventually no swelling when I’m up on my foot, eventually being able to wear non-athletic or orthopedic shoes (although high heels of any kind may be a permanent no no now. We’ll see how healing goes), eventually regaining my new level of range of motion*, those sorts of things.

And if it takes about a year, that means NEXT summer, and let me tell you, next summer will have some making up to do for THIS summer.

*So, interesting thing about the range of motion thing. One of the things they did was put in an internal ligament brace, which basically just kind of gathers up the stretched out ligament that’s sort of responsible for my sprained ankles (the ATFL for you anatomy folks), and puts it back where it belongs. That’s where the pins come from, and there’s something about netting or something? I dunno. Anyway, the point about this is that I will never have the range of motion I used to have, which is by design. It tightens up the ligament which absolutely helps with spraining the ankle, buuuut that means it tightens up the ligament, which means my foot will just not move as far as it used to. Good for non-spraining of the ankle, but weird to think about.

Older mom August 20, 2015 at 6:42 pm

Yeah for the recovery going in the right direction. Not very patient are we? Worth all the trouble in the end. Whatever happens with the foot, it’s not as bad as watching the manchild go to school. Take pictures.

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