November 2014

Whatever and whatever and whatever

November 4, 2014

Taking a break from the Hawaii recap, because I’m just too tired today. I know, you’re all weeping into your keyboards, but you’ll just have to wait. (I’m working on the assumption that basically no one cares about the vacation recaps but me. But there are pretty pictures, so at least there’s something for your […]

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Oahu, Day 2

November 3, 2014

One problem with a really early bedtime and a 3 hour time difference is waking up at 6:30 am on your second day of vacation. Luckily, the view wasn’t too shabby even if the hour was early. Wahhh, poor me, I woke up early in paradise. One of the reasons we chose this place to […]

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Oahu, Day One

November 2, 2014

So, I guess starting to talk about our trip to Hawaii an entire month after we went is…well, is anyone really surprised? I mean, really? But I *do* want to write about it, because it was truly an amazing trip, one that felt magical and was exactly what I think we all needed. Plus, it […]

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Random Tips

November 1, 2014

The skin on my face is ultra finicky. I can’t use samples of lotions and potions and cleansers and whatnot, bc my face just FREAKS RIGHT THE HELL OUT if you change up what goes on it every 3-4 days. It also usually takes about 2 weeks before I really know whether or not a […]

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