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by Ginger on November 30, 2014

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When last we spoke, I was not feeling well. Yeah, that only got worse. We traveled to Las Vegas, then to New York, and I got progressively more miserable (I tried to rally, I really did). Our first full day in New York, while N.C. hung his show, I went to a CVS Minute Clinic to see if they could replace the meds I left somewhere in the Dallas airport (ah, cough syrup with codeine, I missed you most of all), and it turns out I had a pretty nasty upper respiratory infection, some sinus nonsense, and an ear infection.

So that was fun.

Add in really effin’ cold temps, and let’s just say it wasn’t the kid-free, restaurant and bar enjoying vacation I was hoping for. I mean, we still went out, but I really was operating at, like, 40% capacity.


I did rally for N.C.’s show at Last Rites gallery. I got all fancied up, and did my makeup all dramatic like, and talked with people all night long, and even rallied enough for pre-show dinner & drinks.

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and wore even wore heels…  

Officially gave up on the heels.

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most of the night.

I’m bummed I wasn’t feeling better, mostly because I’m bummed that N.C. didn’t get to have the trip he was looking forward to. (Well, that and we were staying with artist buds of his, and I felt HORRIBLE being so sick while we were houseguests. I still feel guilty about that). But I’m so glad I was able to be there at the show to support him, even if it wasn’t how either of us had hoped.


We came back just in time for Thanksgiving, which we took EASY. We had a snack tray for lunch, then roasted some chicken thighs, made some stovetop, and mashed a couple of potatoes and called it a day. Well, I did make pecan pie. Because really, I can do without turkey, but I can’t apparently do without pie.


I clearly failed at my unofficial attempt at NaBloPoMo. C’est la vie and stuff. I’m a bit bummed, but seriously what the hell was I thinking?


Um, by the way, December? I…yeah, I’m not sure I’m on board with this. I seriously feel like I lost all of October & November, I need a little more year in this year.


Do you know anyone who is looking for cloth diapers? I’ve got a fairly decent stash I’m trying to sell, and I’m being super lazy about listing them. I’ve got prefolds & covers, pockets & inserts, & a couple of all-in-ones, from newborn sizes on up.  I really need to get them sold, because I do need the $, but man I feel so far removed from diapering I just get overwhelmed every time I go into a swap forum to list them. So if you know anyone in the market…


Answer me honestly: do you have any interest in hearing about my indie makeup finds? I’ve been looking at my stash and thinking about blogging some of it, but if you’re all just rolling your eyes about it, I don’t want to waste your time (0r mine). I totally get that not everyone is a)into makeup and b)into the indie stuff, so it won’t hurt my feelings.

Ann Wyse December 1, 2014 at 5:52 am

I’m sorry you felt to lousy on your trip. Bummer. But you did look fabulous!

I just wanted to throw in my 2 cents on the makeup thing. I don’t wear makeup and subsequently had NO IDEA Indie makeup even existed before you started blogging about it. BUT, I think it’s fascinating! No, really, I do. I hope you keep blogging about it because it’s been very educational for me. Not that you meant it that way – but, it is!

Ann Wyse December 1, 2014 at 5:53 am

oops – not ‘to lousy’ but ‘so lousy’

Older mom December 1, 2014 at 9:17 pm

Ginger, from the pic, really can’t tell that you’re sick. You look marvelous!!!
Do tell about the make up, always interesting.
Sorry your trip wasn’t everything that you guys had hoped for.

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