Pointless Opinions

by Ginger on November 14, 2014

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I have opinions about a lot of things (don’t we all), and I realized a whole bunch of my opinions? They’re basically pointless. They’re things that are somewhat silly to have FIRM thoughts about, but, well, there you go. I have opinions about:

  • whether peanut butter or jelly should be spread first in a pbj (peanut butter).
  • what kinds of makeup swatches are useless (blush swatches that aren’t blended out. Who the hell just puts a stripe of color on their face? No one. So what good does it do to see blush swatched that way? None.)
  • the best way to read reddit comments (best 2 or 3 on the big subreddits then by new if you have extra time/want more info, but by new on any subreddit or thread you’re a participant of. But then you have to read the whole thread before you can comment).
  • the most annoying ways to swatch eyeshadow (the MOST annoying is when there are weird stripes of a white base underneath, but not neatly, and it all looks messy and hard to tell where one color starts and one ends. the second most annoying is when it’s just a little teensy tiny fingerprint of color with a million other teensy tiny dots of color.)
  • the only way to read the Facebook timeline (by most recent and for the love of God Facebook, why won’t you let me set that as my all the time, never changes default?)
  • the order to do makeup (eyes first, then foundation. Of course, that could be because I can’t fathom being “neat” with my eyeshadow, I always seem to have fallout or messy edges.)
  • what kind of ringtones are appropriate for cell phones in the office (trick question, the answer is none. Put that nonsense on vibrate. Or so low it doesn’t matter what the ringtone is because no one but you will ever hear it)

That’s just the tip of the iceberg of my pointless opinions. But I *know* I’m not alone, so what are some of yours?

Older mom November 15, 2014 at 4:38 pm

Ditto on the FB thing, why can’t it be an optional setting, controlled by me?

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