Oahu, Day 4

by Ginger on November 13, 2014

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Day four was a much calmer day than the previous days.

We dropped Jackson off at the kid’s club again (this time they went to the aquarium!), and had a little bit of time left before we had to return the rental car. So we decided to drive over to what’s apparently a Honolulu institution:

 Leonards copy

Leonard’s was recommended to us by, oh, just about every single person who we asked. We were told we had to go there, and we had to get the malasadas, which are a Portuguese donut without a hole. We thought they’d be good, but how good could they REALLY be? I mean, it’s a donut.

Um, guys? They were perhaps some of the best pastries I’ve ever had. They were hot out of the fryer, for one. We got some with the regular sugar coating, some with a Li Hing powder (a sweet/tart powder that is reminiscent of powdered sweettarts mixed with salt. That’s a terrible, not even remotely good description.However you describe it, it’s *right* up my alley). We got a few filled with custard, coconut custard &….I think the last flavor was pineapple. Anyway. Somehow, they were those magical kinds of pastries that taste delicious, are totally satisfying, but also somehow manage to be light and airy and not heavy (until you have 5 of them). If you ever go to Honolulu & you have any kind of option to go here? GO HERE.

After we ate a handful (or two), we had to return the rental car. From there, we decided that we needed some protein to kind of…deal with the sugar shock. So we hit up a place that was right around the corner from our hotel, called Goofy Cafe & Dine. The place had a cute vibe, fresh juices, and pulled pork eggs benedict for us to split, so we enjoyed ourselves.


After that, we were…pretty full. And a little worn out from the previous few days, and out of any desire to “plan” or be on an agenda. So we decided to spend the rest of our kid-free time wandering the Waikiki beaches. We basically walked from our hotel almost all the way to Diamond Head (almost 3 miles away), all along the beaches and parks and more beaches. We stopped occasionally along the way to hop in the water, to swim, float, COOL OFF (have I mentioned that Hawaii is hot? and humid? and I was sweaty basically the whole trip?). We didn’t take any pictures while we were gone, but just…walked, and talked, and swam (and grabbed an incredibly strong mai tai from a little place by the beach), and then walked back.

We didn’t realize quite how long the walk was when we were doing it, and when we got back, we were exhausted (uh, YEAH. It ended up being almost 6 miles round trip, plus swimming. We were TIRED). We decided to chill the rest of the afternoon too. We picked the kid up from the kid’s club, and went to one of the pools–the one with the slides just for an extra bit of fun. We ordered some food from the pool snack bar, and just hung out, swimming and playing and snacking. It was lovely.

Eventually, we decided we should go have some real food. After showering and whatnot, it was getting late, so we wanted somewhere close-ish, and I was craving steak, so we ended up going to Roy’s Waikiki. It was a bit of a gamble, because it was a) nicer than we normally take the kid to and b) it was getting late after c) a long day. We were kiiiiinda playing with fire, and by fire, I mean Jackson’s behavior. But you know what? It was seriously one of the best meals we had the whole time. He behaved beautifully, and I’m still impressed with how well he held it all together after a really long day.

Now, at first I was a little bummed that’s where we ended up, only because we HAVE a Roy’s nearby, and it’s a not-totally-uncommon date night location for N.C. & I. I felt a little “why are we eating somewhere we can eat back home” for a bit, but honestly, the food was delicious, the drinks were cold, and best of all? Roy’s had the kid thing DOWN. They had a kid’s meal, but made it seem “fancy”ish like the grown ups, and everything was done perfectly for a kid–the buttered noodles had butter & cheese only, no pepper, for example. They had an “appetizer” of what was basically a quesadilla, but helped stave off the “I’m hungry & bored” grumpies. It just was very well done. And, best of all IMO, there were no side-eyes about a 5 year old being in the restaurant. The servers treated J well, no one batted an eye that he was there, and we all enjoyed our meal. It was a nice end to the day.

Well, sort of. On the way back to the hotel, it decided to rain. So we had to walk back in the rain, something Jackson has never really had to do. He was…not a fan. He was cold and wet and exhausted, poor guy. It was not the best ending to what was otherwise a lovely day, but since it was the only time we got rained on while we were there, I guess we can forgive.

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