Oahu, Day 3

by Ginger on November 12, 2014

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Picking up where we left off…

On our third day in Oahu, we still had the rental car, so we decided to take Jackson up to the North Shore. Our first stop (after a fairly late start), was for an early lunch-y snack at Ray’s Kiawe Broiled Chicken, where we shared a half chicken, some rice, and some pineapple coleslaw (and some tropical fruit juices from the market next door).


It was messy as hell, but the chicken was UTTERLY delicious. The rice & coleslaw were a little underwhelming, but everyone loved the chicken (even the kid, after a massive tantrum about trying something new). This place is in a parking lot, and there’s no where to sit (hence us eating in the car), but I would definitely eat their chicken OFTEN if we were locals.

From there, we decided we needed something to cut some of the greasy feel, so we headed to one of the famous North Shore spots, Matsumoto’s.

matsumoto sign

We were lucky to drive by when there was literally the shortest line we saw the whole time we were there–most days we drove by and there was a line out the door and down the street, but this morning, there were only 3 or 4 people in line in front of us in the store. I’m not sure I could have convinced N.C. to stand in line for a shave ice, but I’ll say, they were pretty delicious.

(can you tell we focus on eating on our vacations?)

We also tried them this time with ice cream (it’s in the bottom of the cone), something which sounded incredibly weird to me, but we were told we HAD to try it. I have to say, everyone was right. Something about it worked really, really well. It was a delicious refresher on a hot day.

(It’s gonna get incredibly picture heavy from here on out, see more after the jump)

From there, we decided to drive a bit. Jackson was having a bit of a fit, so we kind of just ignored him while we decided what to do. N.C. decided to stop at a coffee truck (which I can’t for the life of me remember, or find any kind of hints online about what it might have been, which is really too bad because N.C. said their coffee was good and they also had this amazing berry coffee cake thingy that was outstanding. It was somewhere along Kamehameha Hwy, heading east from Haleiwa, that’s all I can tell you). This was at this little outcrop with these crazy rocks, so Jackson & I got out to look around (me in the hopes he would chill out a smidge if I could get him interested in something).

See? All better!

(We’ll ignore the fact that this was his real attitude at the time: sadfaces
as if being in this gorgeous place was the worst thing in the world).

We did a little exploring though, and finally got a little better attitude out of him.


Also, how gorgeous is this? I mean, it’s not ideal for swimming, but it’s still beautiful.


From there, we decided to go do something to let the child run around, and headed towards Waimea Valley. This was an excellent idea. This was a “hike” through some amazing greenery, botanical gardens, ancient Hawaiian archeological sites, all leading up to a gorgeous waterfall. They had a brochure with birds we might see, which we turned into a game with Jackson, trying to find them all. This combo of things ended up being a great way to keep Jackson entertained, while burning some energy–we walked all around, looking at trees, searching for birds, walking quietly to get close enough to identify birds we say, running up the hill when he had energy to burn. We probably took maybe 30 minutes longer than we should have (everyone was getting tired and grouchy the last half hour as we headed back down from the waterfall), but I still think it was the best thing we could have done with our afternoon at that point. And, I mean, look at this place (not that photos do it any remote kind of justice):

Jackson is marking down another bird he saw, while N.C. takes his picture, and I take both their pictures.

This tree was so big, I couldn’t get it all in the frame. It was…astounding. And gorgeous. And one of a couple right at the entrance that were this size.

This is the waterfall. There were some people swimming, but we were told that if we had open cuts we shouldn’t (something about some bacteria or something? I didn’t pay attention, it grossed me out to think about), so we bypassed it. I was so hot and sweaty by the time we got here though that it was REALLY hard not to just dive in.

This is the same waterfall, just from further back, to give a little perspective on how it’s situated in the midst of all this lush greenery.

We even got a couple of family pics, even if one of us is in the stage of making the worst “cheese” face possible.

Or not smiling at all.

Or…whatever this is.

When we left here, we decided we were all hungry, so we went off to find food. Somewhere along the way…the child fell asleep. So, while he was out, we took advantage of more shrimp trucks (this time, Giovanni’s in Kahuka), and some roasted corn.


Recommend. Even if you have to eat in the car so you don’t wake your sleeping kid.

As we were leaving the lot where those trucks were located, the kid woke up, so we got him a snack, and then decided to head to the beach for some more activity/so N.C. could say he swam at the North Shore. We decided to go to a place called Sunset Beach, which turned out to be incredibly appropriate. The boys swam, a bunch. I tried swimming some, but the shore break and the current were both just too much for me and my knees, so I mostly just hung out on the beach, watched the boys, watched the sunset, and took pictures, none of which come remotely close to reality.









I mean, can you even handle how gorgeous this is? I couldn’t help but think about how lucky we are, and how this vacation (even on a day filled with tantrums and nonsense) would always stay with me as one of my favorite memories with my two favorite guys.

When we left the beach, we were happy, tired, sandy, and starving. So we made one final stop before heading home and crashing out: Teddy’s Bigger Burgers  (on the recommendation of some of N.C.’s social media buddies who are local to Hawaii). The burgers were excellent, as was the pineapple shake, but the best part? Jackson not only willingly ate a cheeseburger, he declared that “Now I like hamburgers!” I mean, what magic does Hawaii have to make my child suddenly enjoy a food he’s rejected for years? (he still doesn’t like the “salad,” but don’t dare forget the pickles).


And thus concluded another wonderful, if exhausting, day in Oahu. Day 4 coming soon (it’ll be shorter than this one, by far).

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