by Ginger on November 7, 2014

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So far, 5 has been an age filled, just utterly filled with personality. Some of that personality makes me pull out my hair and gives me nightmares about what the teen years could be like, but most of it just makes me smile, or laugh. So I wanted to write down some recent/ongoing Jacksonisms, so I can always remember.


His thing lately, and I don’t know where he got it, is that he uses “squeak” for “a little bit.” Some examples:

“Mommy, I just had a squeak of not nice behavior.”

“I just want a little squeak of milk with my cookie.”

“Can I just get a little squeak of kisses?”


I love that he still says he wants to cuzzle instead of cuddle. Sometimes he’ll come in our room in the morning and say “Mommy, can we have a quick cuzzle before we get ready for school?” and then climb into bed with me and tuck himself into the crook of my arm. Or he’ll come home from school and say “Mommy can we cuzzle a little bit before dinner?” and climb up into my lap and try to tuck his arms and legs all in so he’s all the way in my lap.

“Mommy, cuzzling is the best.”


Yesterday he came home from school, plopped down on the couch, leaned his head onto his hands and sighed a deep sigh, then said, “Ooooh, what. a. DAY.”


“Jackson, it’s time to do some homework.”

“YAY HOMEWORK! I LOVE HOMEWORK” (said totally sincerely. We’ve recorded it for future use).


On Halloween, when I was wearing this

“Oh Mommy, your mask and eyes and lips are so beautiful!”


“Look at the sky! It’s just soooo beautiful!”


“How was your day today kiddo?”

“I just can’t even talk about it right now.”


“Mommy, I just need to comb my hair. It’s all messy, and I need to look handsome.”


Man, this kid. Five is full of attitude, but it’s also pretty full of awesome too.

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