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by Ginger on November 4, 2014

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Taking a break from the Hawaii recap, because I’m just too tired today. I know, you’re all weeping into your keyboards, but you’ll just have to wait. (I’m working on the assumption that basically no one cares about the vacation recaps but me. But there are pretty pictures, so at least there’s something for your visual pleasure).

And OMG these animals, both of them. The dog Won’t. Stop. LICKING. and chewing on her feet. I know her allergies are acting up, but do you know how much that sound gets into your brain? And the cat won’t stop meowing unless he’s on me, and then he puts his head right up against my hands, making even basic typing frustrating.

Uh, I kinda need my hands to make this typing thing work.

My husband is asleep downstairs, which is fine, but he fell asleep at about 8, which means when I come to bed, he’ll wake up and then toss and turn all night.

Basically, I’m just filled with annoyances, and that’s no fun for anyone. I need an attitude adjustment, but I suspect that will only come with some sleep.


Let’s shift gears a bit, shall we? Today, I went to drop off my ballot (with everything that’s been going on, I forgot to mail in my ballot, but luckily I can just drop off the filled out mail ballot, which took all of 2 minutes AND I got a sticker. Civic duty ftw). Anyway, before I went to the polling place down the street, I tried to just stop by one on the way back from jury duty (civic duty x2 ftw). The one I ended up driving by? Was in the middle of a neighborhood, in someone’s garage.

Now, I’ve done the polling place in a community room (like the party room by the pool in a development, that kind of thing) before, but I’ve never seen one actually IN someone’s garage. Polling booths right next to the camping equipment, Christmas storage, and bikes. It was a little weird.

I ended up not stopping there because I couldn’t find parking within a block & I really did just want to drop my ballot and go, but I’m not sure I wouldn’t have felt a little strange just walking into someone’s garage.


So, things I wasn’t expecting: I’ve lost about 4 pounds since being on jury duty, and I’ve figured out that me and the mid-day sugar break may not be very good friends anymore. One small piece of candy is fine, more than one and I’ve been getting a raging headache.

Just things that I’ve found somewhat interesting.


Things I’ve been loving lately, to end on a happier note: pho, fuzzy socks, going to bed early, cooler temperatures at night, the friendships we’re building within our neighborhood, glow in the dark nailpolish, indie perfumes, new jeans that fit well.


Now tell me something good from your life friends!

april November 5, 2014 at 5:20 am

I was thinking about my eating habits this morning, and I don’t actually eat too terribly except my sweet treats before bed/in bed. I don’t *want* to cut them out, but I’m curious about what it might do for me if I did.

I hope you got some sleep.

Cloud November 5, 2014 at 9:38 pm

My first San Diego polling place was in someone’s garage! So weird. Now mine is in the church across the street from our school, while there is a different one in the school itself.

Something good from my life: a big science blogger mentioned Navigating the Path to Industry (my book on how to run a non-academic job search) and sales definitely bounced up. And then someone at one of the big science journals wrote to ask for a review copy and… wow. That book may actually end up making me some money, which is pretty cool.

Also, I finally saw the hardcover version of my new kids’ book and it looks awesome and that made me happy, too.

Both of those things happened randomly on Monday, making it a pretty good Monday.

Katherine November 6, 2014 at 8:59 am

My grandmother used to have a polling place in her garage and the old couple who used to live next door held one. They moved before I could vote, but it was certainly conveinent for my parents.

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