Oahu, Day 2

by Ginger on November 3, 2014

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One problem with a really early bedtime and a 3 hour time difference is waking up at 6:30 am on your second day of vacation. Luckily, the view wasn’t too shabby even if the hour was early.


Wahhh, poor me, I woke up early in paradise.

One of the reasons we chose this place to stay is that they have a kids club thing where, for an additional fee, you can send your small fry to hang out for the day. The Penguin Club runs from 8-3 (if you do a full day), and we thought it would allow Jackson to do some fun “kids only” stuff, and plus also allow N.C. & I to do some things that might be better enjoyed without the kid. We took advantage of the kid’s club twice while we were there, and Saturday was the first day. Jackson got to go to the Honolulu Zoo (plus play games, go to the pool, do crafts, & watch a movie), and N.C. & got to go pretend like we were on vacation as adults for a few hours.

Worth every. single. penny.

N.C. & I rented a car to do some exploring of the island. We decided to, at bare minimum, drive to the North Shore. After getting the car, we headed north, and this was our first stop:

mackysWhere we ate this:


YOU GUYS, WHY DON’T WE HAVE GARLIC SHRIMP LIKE THIS ON THE MAINLAND?  This was our first of 3 meals of garlic shrimp, two of which were this day. We also ate at Giovanni’s in both Haleiwa & Kahuka(another day). At the Haleiwa truck, we washed everything down with a blueberry tea lemonade from Okina Cafe’s food truck in the same area. It was delicious.

Of the shrimp trucks, I would probably rank Macky’s as my favorite of them all (even the rice was amaaaaazing), with the Giovanni’s in Kahuka (on the east side of the island) 2nd, and the Haleiwa Giovanni’s 3rd. (Not that any of them were bad, omg, so much buttery garlicky deliciousness).

After that deliciousness, we felt like we needed something to cut the buttery nonsense, so we got the first of many shave ices, this one from Aloha General Store in Haleiwa.



After we were so stuffed we basically had to roll ourselves back to the car, we figured it was time to check out the beach. We didn’t get in the water, but we decided to check out Ehukai Beach Park, which is home to the Banzai Pipeline, one of those crazy insane places where surfers put themselves in constant danger because of the amazing waves & barrels.


We stayed safely on the shore, watching the crazy shore break, and marveling at the vast difference between the sand there and the sand we’re used to here (and also, how much we sank in the sand. Something about it was so soft, we’d end up with sand up to our ankles on every step). Oh, and posing for one of the only pictures with the two of us:


It was getting close to the time we needed to get back to pick the kid up, so we decided on a leisurely drive back to Waikiki from here. While we wished we could have spent more time exploring the North Shore, the views made the drive pretty awesome.



When we got back to the Hilton, we picked up the kid from the kid’s club (he had a BLAST, and he kept calling it his “class.” It was seriously worth every.single.penny.), and then we decided to chill at the hotel for a while. We hit up one of the 5 pools, then the lagoon for a bit, then the beach, then pool again. We maaayyyyy have gotten some poolside cocktails while we were at it. Maybe.

After a while, it was time for dinner. We hadn’t made plans, so we, rather last minute, found a place called Nico’s Pier 38 that was open, looked like the kid could eat there, and wasn’t too far from the hotel. The place had rave reviews from several corners, but we found it to be just OK after the amazing shrimp trucks from earlier in the day–it was good, but no comparison. However, I will say that the fish was all super fresh, and the live music was wonderful.

Finally, we made our way back to the hotel, where we proceeded to all pass out cold within about 10 minutes of getting in the door. Not a shabby second day!

Tragic Sandwich November 4, 2014 at 8:44 pm

There is also excellent garlic shrimp on Kauai–Shrimp Station in Waimea (on our first trip, we were actually headed to the burger place across the street, but the line at Shrimp Station made it clear that we really wanted to be over there–and we’ve gone back on subsequent trips), and Savage Shrimp (a converted mail truck in Poipu, although it’s been five years, so there may be a brick-and-mortar place by now).

I want that shrimp so much.

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