Oahu, Day One

by Ginger on November 2, 2014

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So, I guess starting to talk about our trip to Hawaii an entire month after we went is…well, is anyone really surprised? I mean, really?

But I *do* want to write about it, because it was truly an amazing trip, one that felt magical and was exactly what I think we all needed. Plus, it was seriously one of, if not THE, most beautiful place I’ve ever been in my life. I want to have a record of all the big and little moments of the trip for all those reasons.

Our flight left San Diego around noon on Friday. We knew the flight was going to be REALLY long for the little dude (well, for all of us, but particularly for the kid who has a hard time not moving constantly), so we made sure to get to the airport in time to let him stretch his legs a good amount before we got on the plane.

running at the airport

N.C. maybe did a bit of stretching too.

Jackson did great on the plane though. He worked on homework, he ate snacks, he did an activity book, he ate snacks, he played games on the phone, he ate snacks, it wasn’t too bad. He got a little squirrely once or twice, but for an almost 6 hour flight? Dude did better than either of us expected.

Oh, and a kudos to Alaskan Airlines: about an hour or so before we got to Honolulu, they came through with complimentary Mai Tais. That were frankly pretty damn tasty, airplane drinks or no.

on the planeedit
(the kid was so well behaved, I actually got to read my book!)

Unfortunately, we kind of failed as parents because when we GOT there, we…didn’t really account appropriately for 1) the time change, 2) the lack of REAL food, and 3) the fallout from almost 6 hours of cooped up good behavior. We didn’t plan appropriately for several things after the plane ride, so by the time we got to the hotel, we were all crabby & not our best selves.

That didn’t mean we couldn’t appreciate the beauty of our place:


We stayed in the Kalia Suites at the Hilton Hawaiian Village in Waikiki. Ours was a timeshare condo–kitchen, pull out sofa, bedroom (with closing door to the living room area), bathroom, etc. We didn’t really use the kitchen much while we were there, but it was really nice to have a true suite. Plus, we had this AMAZING view–this was from the balcony off the bedroom, and there was another balcony off the living room.

After a quick tour of the suite, we high-tailed it out of there to try and get some food. We were a little way away from Duke’s, where I knew we could get Mai Tais, so rather than doing any other searching to see what was around, we headed there.

We had to walk through a park to get there, just some grass and trees, and this little exercise station. You know those exercise stations you find at some parks, where you go around a path and there’ll be a chinup bar at one, and then you go a little further and there’ll be a balance beam or something, etc., etc.? Well, we only ever saw this one station, and it had a little 4 or 5 rung ladder, which Jackson gleefully climbed on our way. I tell you this inane story because THIS is the thing he couldn’t stop raving about to all his classmates when he got back home. We had several parents tell us “so, we heard that Jackson climbed a LADDER!” with a giggle. Yeah, clearly experiences are wasted on children.

We finally got to, and got seated at Duke’s. While we were there we had a pretty meh salad bar (only because we were all pretty hangry at that point, and had to get something in us while we waited for our main courses), an amazing fish dish that I think was macadamia crusted opah, a steak & chicken kabob that had some of the best cooked steak I’ve ever had (the chicken was meh though), and what we would come to determine were the best Mai Tai’s of the trip. The boys went and bought me a beautiful (and heavy) purple orchid lei, to really kick off our Hawaiian vacation.

However, because we were all still pretty crabby, we tried to finish our meal in a hurry and get back to the hotel. By the time we got there, it was about 7 Hawaii time, and the poor kid was just a wreck. We got him in jams, into bed, and I think he was out no less than a minute later.


Poor kid was exhausted–which was made evident when fireworks the Hilton does every Friday night (they go off behind the iconic Rainbow tower you can see in the pictures there to the left) started going off, and despite sounding like we were in the middle of a massive firefight, he never made a peep. N.C. & I had a drink courtesy of some rum from one of the many ABC stores on the Hilton property, and then we passed right the hell out ourselves, probably no later than 8:30.

There are things I’d definitely do differently, but all in all, it wasn’t the worst way to start off the trip.

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