August 2014


August 9, 2014

Some preferences, when given the option (in most cases). *** Limes not lemons. Lotion with a pump not a squeeze bottle. Diet Coke not Diet Pepsi. Candy not chocolate. Salty not sweet. Skinny fries not steak fries. Wizards not vampires. Ulta not Sephora. Paperback not hardback. Pepperoni not sausage. Jewel tones not nudes. Scripted tv […]

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It Never Gets Old

August 8, 2014

Tonight while we were at dinner, I was trying to occupy Jackson while we waited for his food. I read him a book, we played tic tac toe on the restaurant provided placemat, we colored on the placemat. Then there was a word search we were looking at. Jackson is just starting to figure out […]

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Snippets and Crappy Chardonnay

August 7, 2014

I’m sitting here, drinking a crappy Chardonnay that’s sure to give me a headache while I watch Battlestar Galactica & peruse reddit & twitter (and try to write, hahaha). Jackson was a particular handful today, so we closed the door at bedtime with glee, and now I’m trying to unwind a smidge. Cheers. Some days […]

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And the Guessing Game Continues

August 5, 2014

I haven’t really talked about it much on my blog, but since early May I’ve been dealing with this annoying abdominal pain thing. Not a stomach ache, no, a physical, pinpoint, feels like a bruise almost kind of abdominal pain. At first, they thought it was my appendix–the urgent care doc sent me to the […]

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An August Challenge

August 1, 2014

I miss writing here, or more specifically, making myself take the time to write here. I miss a lot of things about “old”  blogging, but that’s the big one. So, I’m giving myself a challenge this month. I’m challenging myself to write here 5 times a week. And not just a one line post with […]

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