by Ginger on August 17, 2014

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This weekend was one of those weekends that just helps recharge those parts of you that are depleted, you know? After the past week in particular, it was nice to find those parts of me recharged and refilled. We kicked things off when N.C., Jackson & I had dinner on Friday night with Caitlin (who Jackson has decided needs to come and live at our house)…and good food, good drinks and lovely company are always good ways to start the weekend.

Saturday was marred a bit by a stupidly expensive vet visit–the dog and her allergies are a freaking money pit right now–and some other unfortunate expenditures. But it was made up for by sitting in the grass at the park with my family, and a sleepover for Jackson at his dojo that allowed N.C. and I to enjoy a wonderful dinner of pho, crash a Rita’s private opening(they invited us in, I swear), and go see Guardians of the Galaxy (A+, recommend). It’s always nice to have time to reconnect with the guy I’m married to, you know?

Today we spent at the beach, and it was one of those gorgeous San Diego days that remind me that I’m lucky as hell to live here. The current was CRAZY strong, so I didn’t spend much time in the water, but the boys splashed and played, and…I mean, despite all the stresses and irritations and frustrations of day to day life, I’m living a life that I’m happy to have.

There’s an awful lot of sadness and shit in the world, too much really. In a lot of ways, I feel ridiculous writing about my little happy life over here when there’s so much horrible shit in the world, and believe me, I recognize the MYRIAD of privileges in my life, and the ways I’ve been flat out lucky too. But honestly, remembering the good of my life helps counteract the boulder of sadness that sits on my chest after weeks like this past one and it helps refill the parts of me that get worn down and hopeless.

april August 20, 2014 at 5:57 am

I think I can’t deal with anymore real life outside my own – I’m over the news. Done. But this sounds just lovely and I wish you (and Caitlin) lived near me so I could recharge by spending time with you too.

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