Bringing Back Bring Back the Words

by Ginger on August 11, 2014

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I’ve been toying with bringing back Bring Back the Words for…well, a long while, since it’s on my to-do list for this year. I really like the idea behind sharing prompts, and it definitely helped me get into more of a groove with writing when I was doing it. But I’ve hesitated because 1) I didn’t know if anyone would be interested anymore and 2) I kind of made it into a big hassle the last go round, and I’m not really up to adding more hassle in my life.

Well, I’ve decided to say So What to #1. If no one is interested, so be it, but I am, so I’m going to do it. Hopefully some of you will play along, but if not, I’m at least going to do it for me. And, I’m going to make it less of a hassle so that I can’t use #2 as an excuse anymore. Here’s what’s going to happen: Once a week (I’m thinking Monday, but I’m not holding myself to a strict publish-by day), I’ll post two prompts. I’m going to play with how I do the prompts, so sometimes it will be a full question, sometimes it may just be a word or idea to interpret however you/I see fit, sometimes it may be a link to an article, sometimes it may be a picture, I don’t know. I’m going to play around with it. Then sometime during the week, I’ll post something inspired by one or both of the prompts.

What’s going to be different is all the ancillary stuff. I’m going to get rid of the official link up (those things are kind of a PITA)–if you play along and want me to see it, either link it in a comment, or hashtag it on Twitter with #BBTWords. Gone too will be the time/day “deadline.” Post on whichever prompts whenever you damn well feel like it, there’s no need to have a strict cut-off day for this thing. If you have an idea for a prompt, feel free to send it over (however you like: Twitter, email, comment, carrier pigeon, etc.). If once a week starts feeling like too much, I’ll try once every 2, or once a month–I want to have fun with this, not have it be this big huge obligation that stops being fun.

Everyone on board? Yes? YES!

Ok, let’s go ahead and kick it off with this week’s prompts:

1. First day of school. (whatever that makes you think of/want to write about)

2. If you could make everyone understand ONE thing about you that may not be obvious on first glance, what would it be? Why?

Let’s give this a shot!

Heather August 11, 2014 at 4:52 pm

You make me wish I had a blog.

april August 20, 2014 at 5:25 am

I’m in, just a little late (I’m still obviously catching up on reading, I was up over 200 in my feed from two weeks of MIA-dom.)

Kate W. August 20, 2014 at 7:15 pm

Oh, yay! I am glad you’re bringing these back. I just posted about the first day of school:

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