It Never Gets Old

by Ginger on August 8, 2014

in The Kid

Tonight while we were at dinner, I was trying to occupy Jackson while we waited for his food. I read him a book, we played tic tac toe on the restaurant provided placemat, we colored on the placemat. Then there was a word search we were looking at. Jackson is just starting to figure out how word searches work, but even when he doesn’t know the word, it’s a good chance for us to look at letters (and for him to focus on something that requires attention to detail). Normally, he looks at the letters, and I tell him the word, and then we look for the letters in the search together.

Tonight was a little different.

Tonight, Jackson looked at all the words, and sounded out the letters. Some of them were tough (OMG, teaching a little kid to read English is pretty much the best way to see how ridiculous this language really can be), but I would help him when he couldn’t work out the sounds on his own. But more than half the time, he got it on his own–he would sound out the words, with this look of concentration, and then he’d…get the word. Not just small sight words, which we’ve been working on for a while, or words from a story we’ve read together before, but bigger and/or less “common” words: carrot, tomato, pepper, peas, those sorts of things.

And oh, you guys, he would get this look on his face–he’d turn to look at me, and tell me the word, and the look on his face was this combo of wonder and pride and I seriously had to work to keep the tears at bay. He was so jazzed every time he got a word right. And then he started looking for more words to read outside the word search, just to keep doing it. Watching him work at this whole process that is 1) second nature to me and 2) a huge part of my life and 3) the basis for so much of his education going forward is just…man, it’s cool. And watching it be cool to HIM? Man, I can’t even put into words what that’s like. It never gets old. I don’t know that it’ll ever get old watching him learn to read.


Kathleen August 11, 2014 at 10:51 am

This is so cool and makes me very excited! I get that feeling anytime I see my daughter learn something. She’s only three, but right now she is in swim lessons for the first time and she’s doing awesome and I’m just so proud.

april August 20, 2014 at 5:20 am

When Spencer started legitimately reading, it was the best thing ever. I’m still in awe of the books he can/does read at his age, and in awe of how much he enjoys reading. I hope Henry gets the same love – he’s a little behind Jackson in terms of sounding out, but he gets that same look when he picks out a sight word and it’s wonderful.

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