Snippets and Crappy Chardonnay

by Ginger on August 7, 2014

in Random

I’m sitting here, drinking a crappy Chardonnay that’s sure to give me a headache while I watch Battlestar Galactica & peruse reddit & twitter (and try to write, hahaha). Jackson was a particular handful today, so we closed the door at bedtime with glee, and now I’m trying to unwind a smidge. Cheers.

Some days it’s easier than others to put the day away.


I’m not doing great at my post 5 times a week challenge, am I?


I watched the first episode of Outlander, and I’m good and intrigued so far. I plan to watch it again this weekend, just to be doubly sure it’s *really* worth watching more.*

So far, my thoughts are thus: I really like the actress for Claire; I was a little iffy on Jamie until the end, but his combo of scruff and twinkle has won me over; I found it very distracting for a bit that the actor who plays Frank was Edmure from GoT, but I think I’ll get over it; I think they’ve gotten the overall spirit pretty well nailed down. And of course, all the settings are gorgeous.

*Yeah right, like there’s a chance at all that I won’t be watching.


I’m still trying to sell off some of my makeup. If you’ve got any interest, make me an offer, I need to get it out of here, yeah?


We had a book cleanout at work this week and I’ve brought home an obscene number of books. Seriously, I brought home 5 boxes of books and I keep grabbing just one more here and one more there. Granted, about 1/2 of those are for Jackson or Jackson’s class, and I’ve been grabbing books for N.C. too. But still, I probably have, ohhhhh, 20 new books to read.

Which, given how slow going my reading is this year, seems a little bit like a case of my eyes being bigger than my free time.

(but free booooooooks!)


So what’s up with you guys?

Brenda Marengo August 8, 2014 at 3:32 pm

Have you considered donating the makeup you can’t sell to a shelter for women? You can use as a tax right off:)

Ginger August 8, 2014 at 8:58 pm

I’m going to do that with anything that’s not used (I’ve found a women’s shelter & a Dress for Success that I’m going to split things from), but all the places I’ve found local won’t accept anything if it’s been opened/used 🙁

april August 20, 2014 at 5:17 am

I’ve been hiding in my room from the kids for a few minutes here and there – it’s so nice sometimes.

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