June 2014

Last Day, First Day

June 29, 2014

Last week was J’s last day of preschool. They had a little graduation ceremony complete with caps and tassels and Pomp & Circumstance and, despite thinking the idea of a preschool graduation is utterly ridiculous in theory, in practice with my kid it was freaking adorable. Much like herding unruly cats. Jackson was a little […]

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Snippets and Snippets and Snippets

June 23, 2014

Someday maybe I’ll write something real again, but today is not that day. *** I am incredibly sunburned. This always happens on the first real beach day of the summer, when I forget what time feels like on the beach and suddenly 3 hours have gone by without me reapplying sunscreen while getting in the […]

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June 12, 2014

I’m a terrible water drinker. As in, I mostly don’t. No, really, except for my pregnancy/nursing days, when I have ice cream, and….that’s about it, I will admit most days I don’t drink a single glass of water. I drink other things (tea, lemonade, diet coke), but not so much on the water. I know. […]

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Love/Hate Friday

June 6, 2014

I am TOTALLY stealing this from K, because this is about exactly where my brain is these days. Let’s hit it! Love: It’s Friday. Hallelujah. Hate: The fair starts tomorrow, which begins my summer of horrific commutes home. First the fair comes, then the Del Mar races start, and there are summer concerts, and, just, […]

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