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by Ginger on May 9, 2014

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Somehow, May has become this insanely busy month. We went from almost nothing planned a few weeks ago to something every weekend, and about 1/2 the weekdays with some obligation or thing to remember. This is what happens isn’t it, where your life just becomes this treadmill of thing after thing after thing? I like having plans, but sometimes I get exhausted when I look at the calendar.


Things at work have calmed down a smidge, thank goodness, and I should be getting word ANY DAY NOW whether they’ll calm down even more. It’s made my stress level SO much better, which is good because, wow, it was getting out of hand. I’m practically human again!


We took Jackson to his first baseball game last weekend, thanks to a neighbor who had extra tickets. N.C. & I aren’t big sports people (though I can get pretty loud about college basketball), but baseball is one of those nice summer activity things even if you aren’t a super fan. And we thought Jackson would get a kick out of it, even if it was only for the crowds and music and food.

Sure enough, the kid had a blast. He was a little confused by some of the trash talking that was happening between two opposing fan bases around us, but he enjoyed it overall. And he even got to see a home run at his first game, which is always a good way to start with baseball. He wants to go again as soon as possible.


We’ve recently figured out that the giant moneypit dog has a food allergy. Because of course she does. She was chewing on her paws and hindquarters like they were bones, and scratching at her ears all the time, to the point that it was waking us up at night. We thought the paws were because of sap out in the side yard where she goes to do her business (they cut some branches off of pine trees a while back, and they just dripped sap everywhere for a while). But it just…kept getting worse. Finally I did a little Googling, and then we took her to the vet where they gave us some hypoallergenic food and voila! It’s practically like we have a new dog. Or at least a slightly less disgusting one.


My big goal for the weekend is to find some shorts that don’t feel miserable to wear and also don’t look like sausage casing. I probably rate shopping for shorts tied for third (with jeans) after bathing suits and bras, so that should be fun. My main plan for my summer wardrobe this year is maxi skirts & tank tops, but on those occasions where maxi skirts aren’t the best choice (it wasn’t the best at the baseball game, or at amusement parks), I do need shorts. As much as I may prefer the pajama like feel of maxi skirts, sometimes the evils of shorts are necessary. I guess.


If you haven’t seen this, you really should. It makes me happy.

Happy Friday!

Tragic Sandwich May 9, 2014 at 10:03 pm

Some of Boden’s shorts fit me pretty well. That may be no help at all. I also just got some at Costco, although I can’t remember who the manufacturer is. That’s definitely no help at all.

april May 14, 2014 at 6:54 am

Let me know if you find any shorts. I need some too.

Ana May 15, 2014 at 6:49 am

Ugh shorts time again. I realized that I prefer a 5-inch inseam, and size up so they sit lower on the hips. Using those criteria I found 3 pair for this summer at Old Navy and Lands End (I love Boden in general but don’t want to spend that much for something I only wear out of necessity).

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