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by Ginger on April 14, 2014

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I feel pretty scattered lately, but today especially–I’m tired like I didn’t sleep at all, even though I totally did. Who knows what THAT’S all about? I mean, it’s Monday, but c’mon. But I’m feeling the urge to do some musing, so…here I go:

I did end up taking my mental health vacation days last week, and lo they were wonderful. I got to sleep in, have wonderful date meals with my wonderful husband, do a little shopping, a little meandering, and a fair amount of relaxing. It was just what the dr ordered…or it would have been, had we not gotten a call at 3pm on the last day off that Jackson had swallowed a magnet.

Thus began a whirlwind of activity that included a trip down to Children’s, xrays, an education on the problems with swallowing magnets, and LOTS of conversations with Jackson about not putting non-food items in his mouth. In the end, it turns out that it 1) wasn’t actually a magnet after all (thank goodness), and 2) there was only one, so even if it had been, it wouldn’t have been as bad as it could have been. (Guys, really, don’t have those magnetic balls around your small kids. Or bigger kids who have an oral fixation and must put everything in their mouth omg just stop putting things in your mouth!!!!!!! After hearing some of the horror stories, any cool factor about them is totally negated now.) J is totally fine, and was in good spirits the whole time we were there.

I was fine the whole time we were in the whirlwind, from the first phone call until the moment the dr. gave us the all clear. As soon as that happened? I crashed off my adrenaline high, HARD. I got super grouchy, and seriously tired, like bone weary haven’t slept for 3 days while doing hard physical labor tired. This is clearly my M.O. during any crisis/emergency/illness with the kiddo: calm (if a little too susceptible to reading Dr. Google’s possible complications), focused, on point until it’s all over and then DEAD ON MY FEET. Which, I mean, YAY that I’m able to mostly keep my cool in the moment, but I do wish there was a way to, I don’t know, like, step down from that adrenaline high?

Anyway, all that to say, I had a wonderful couple of days off and was able to relax, and then two hours there at the end of that last day basically undid all the relaxing. But at least it wasn’t work stress, right?


You know what I really shouldn’t do? I really shouldn’t look at real estate in my area. Unless I need a good laughsob.


I have all these little projects that I keep meaning to do: getting rid of a bunch of old books, organizing the binder of school stuff of Jackson’s that I keep, gathering a bunch of unused beauty stuff to donate, that kind of thing. And I just…can’t seem to get the motivation to do any of them. Much like writing here, I have the best of intentions all day and then I get home and…poof. My intentions fly out the window. I keep trying all the little motivation tricks I know, but nothing seems to be able to overcome the part of me that just wants to sit on my butt and veg at the end of the day.


This year I’m not going to New York in May for the big trade show I normally go to–I managed to beg off this year and a colleague is going in my place. I’m sad for only two reasons (not getting to see Jennie, and not getting to eat at all my favorite New York places for a week), but mostly I’m THRILLED. For one, I think we all know that I think business travel is exhausting, so I’m glad to not have to deal with that. For another, it means I’ll actually be in the same city and state as my husband for our anniversary, which is kind of a nice bonus. For ANOTHER, it means the office will be really, really quiet the week after Memorial Day weekend while everyone ELSE is gone for the show. These are all good things.


I’ve been on a (mini) reading jag the last few weeks. I’ve read Under the Never Sky (interesting enough for me to want to read the next book in the series), The Thousand Dollar Tan Line (totally enjoyed. It’s a Veronica Mars episode brought to the page), The Giver (I…feel like I missed something, because I was just rather meh on this one. Everyone else seems to love it.), Dreams of Gods and Monsters (liked a lot, verging on loved it, it made me cry), and Uglies (at first I was just meh about it, but the more I think about it, the more it bugs me to the point of making me mad. Kind of irritated I wasted the time on it). I’ve been enjoying reading more, so I’m hoping to keep up this momentum. I’m still 8 books behind on my yearly challenge according to Goodreads, so we’ll see if I can get caught up.

And to end this, I’ll go ahead and ask: what have you read and loved lately that I should give a try?

april April 15, 2014 at 5:57 am

I feel like a broken record, but anytime any of my friends ask for book recommendations I put Lindsay Buroker’s Emperor’s Edge series out there. It’s fabulous. As I’ve been rereading old favorites, a lot of them haven’t held up as well as I’d like but that one – still excellent. I just put the Smoke and Bone trilogy on request so I can reread the first two before digging into Dreams of Gods and Monsters.

Hugs to you! Scary kid stuff is absolutely exhausting.

Jen April 15, 2014 at 12:24 pm

I feel you so hard on the real estate laughsob. Slightly different variables here but still, abject sadness.

Trina April 15, 2014 at 3:28 pm

So glad Jackson is okay! Any visit to the hospital is scary, but I’ve read about the dangers of magnets and it’s pretty bad. So very glad that everything is good and hopefully you can find some time to rest here and there this week.

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