April 2014

Parenting and Mental Gymnastics

April 25, 2014

Parenting is weird. I’ve said some variation of that before, I’m sure, but it’s no less true just because I’m repeating myself. There are days when the kid drives me insane. He’s extremely emotional over EVERYTHING lately, so we have lots of outbursts, tears, yelling, etc. happening. Some of it is when he’s mad, some […]

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Beauty Box 5 April 2014 Review

April 21, 2014

*I was sent a box to review, but was not compensated further.  All opinions and run-on sentences are 100% mine. You guys know the drill by now, so let’s dive right into the review.   1. Jergens 3 Days To Glow Moisturizer, Medium/Tan Ehh, this is a major miss for me. I’m not big on […]

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Miscellaneous Musings

April 14, 2014

I feel pretty scattered lately, but today especially–I’m tired like I didn’t sleep at all, even though I totally did. Who knows what THAT’S all about? I mean, it’s Monday, but c’mon. But I’m feeling the urge to do some musing, so…here I go: I did end up taking my mental health vacation days last […]

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Work, and Stress, and Stuff

April 2, 2014

So I had a crazy ridiculous stressful day at work the other day. And I can’t get into any of the details of it on my blog, but it basically comes down to not being valued professionally by several people/groups I work with, and I kind of hit my limit the day that 5 different […]

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